Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend! We’ve had some pretty quality family time over here, so no complaints. Although….I could have gone for a little more sleep….

Friday: In typical Friday fashion, I started the day with a batch of protein pancakes and about a gallon of coffee to help get the sleepies out of my eyes. I cut up my pancakes because I had to feed Wes at the same time and with his grabby arms this makes it way easier.


Oh, and it was Wes’s 9 month birthday! I did his monthly recap which you can read here.


After his morning nap we headed over to the doctor for his checkup. He did great, but was just a bit chilly!


On the way home, we swung by the grocery store to pick up a few necessities (one of which may have been Ben & Jerrys).

We had leftover pot roast for dinner once Tyler got home then headed over to Costco to stock up. The trip wasn’t too long, so we got home in time for Wes to have his bottle, but the kid was on CRACK and preferred to roll around and babble until he finally went down at 8:45! At that point, I was ready to go to bed myself, but we watched a couple episodes of Homeland.




Saturday: I didn’t wake up until 8am (HOO-FREAKIN-RAY). I got dressed and had some breakfast before Wes got up. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but man alive does it feel fantastic to have brushed teeth and a washed face in the morning. I quickly fed Wes then headed out the door to get to my hair appointment. Ummm…remind me never to go this long between appointments!

I got a lob cut and had the color brightened up a bit. It feels so great to have a fresh haircut I can’t even describe it. And the girl talk, HOT coffee and me time were the best!



The afternoon consisted of lunch, a trip to Home Depot, and taking the dogs for a walk.



We ordered pizza for dinner, finished Homeland and BOOM..out like lights.

Sunday: I woke up a walking zombie. Boo. Wes had another wakeup in the middle of the night which actually didn’t last too long, but I couldn’t get back to sleep. I think the worst thing in the world is when you WANT to sleep but your stupid brain won’t shut off.

I think about 4 hours later getting up I actually WOKE up so I made some BAE.


I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, took a nap, worked out, walked the dogs, did laundry then BOOM time for bed.


Also, can we please talk about how this type of telephone is pretty much obsolete for his generation?



How was your weekend? 

21 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. I need to get making protein pancakes again – I miss them!
    I love your hair! I have been waking up to pee at midnight and cannot get back to sleep for 1-2 hours, ahhh!!

  2. Love reading these Jen! Especially the monthly updates it is such a great way to document milestones. Wes is adorable! How do you gets pics up so quickly do you just use phone or camera?

  3. Ahh your hair looks awesome!! Makes me want to chop off a bunch of my length now. You know what fascinates me about babies/toddlers…how, at a ridiculously young age, they can mimic talking on the phone despite me almost NEVER talking on the phone!! And even when I do, it’s usually my mom and I have it on speaker phone. Crazy.

  4. Your hair looks great! I need to get in for a haircut and would LOVE to put some highlights in!
    My parents ONLY have a land line. Isn’t that crazy? They are the only people I know who don’t have cell phones. OK, My grandparents too. The only people under 60.

  5. I am getting my hair cut in 2 weeks and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I havent’ had it cut since we got engaged, which was back in the end of September. oops! Looks like a great weekend- the pot roast looks amazing- we need to start doing meats like that in the crockpot!

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