Thursday Things


Even though my routine isn’t much different on the weekend, I’m still excited for it. Mainly because A) I stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights (oooooo badass) B) I have an adult beverage or two, and C) Tyler is home. I don’t so much look forward to the Costco trips or the Home Depot trips…those are less fun. So here’s some random stuff from our week so far:

  1. I found this photo when I was rummaging through some old stuff on my computer and my heart exploded/melted/stopped. I can’t believe how teeny tiny he was! I miss it so so so so so bad.


2. I’ve been giving Wes more of our food lately and he loves it! It takes him much longer to eat than the baby food, but it’s fun to see him try new things. This is his reaction to cheese (he loves it). He’s also tried chicken, turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, bananas, cucumbers, apples, and some other stuff that I can’t remember.


3. I have been on a Wild Rose kick lately. They’ve been on sale at our local liquor store, so we’ve pretty much stocked the basement fridge with them. True story: it’s only available in Alberta! How lucky for me 🙂 Now if only they would keep making more Cowbell, I’d be a happy lady.

4. It was nice out on Monday, so we walked over to the library. It felt really nice to get some sun and fresh air, so I extended our walk home a bit. I’m 97% sure Wes fell asleep for a few minutes, but I didn’t want to move his sunglasses to check and possibly wake him up.


5. I requested my absentee ballot. Not a political person, but I’d like to perform my civic duty. Go America!


6. I made these cinnamon sugar donuts to bring to a playdate on Tuesday with Brie, Alison and Leigh. They were OK, but I’ve yet to find THE recipe. I guess I’ll just have to keep recipe testing. Le sigh.

7. Yesterday marked 40 weeks of Wes being on the outside! Had to side-by-side it with my last bump shot which was at 39 weeks. Biggest difference (besides him on the outside) is that my bum has disappeared! I’m working on getting that sucker back. Pun intended.


8. Eats from the week have been of the SUPER EASY variety. I haven’t had a chance to really grocery shop, so we’ve just slapped together some basic meals with what we had on hand-> chicken fajitas, israeli couscous, veggies, turkey meatballs, chicken. It’s somewhat boring, but it does the trick.

9. I was in the mood for pancakes yesterday. Strike that….I’m in the mood for pancakes everyday but I actually MADE them yesterday. Rather than sticking to my trusty protein pancake recipe, I altered it a bit to make sweet potato pancakes. They were SOOOOOO good. Or maybe that was just because they were drenched in 72 oz of maple syrup? Either way, I liked it. A lot. I figured Wes could join the party and I gave him some sweet potato puffs.


10. Workouts this week. Ok, yup nothing exciting to talk about here. I’m still on the workout DVD kick and rotating programs each week. Right now I’m doing T25 Beta. I find it to be super easy and QUICK but I can’t hate on that too much because I don’t have time for much else! I’ve been doing my workouts earlier in the morning, so Wes gets to hang out downstairs with me for a bit. All I need to remember is to let my breakfast settle a little longer because I’ve had a few queazy moments.


11. Newest Netflix addiction? The Last Kingdom. Holy moly is the main character HOT. H-O-T. I’m getting flushed just thinking about it. Oh, and the Bachelor? Meh, it can end now thanks. Although I will still record it and watch it at a later time with a glass of wine and fast forward through 92% of it.


12. Confession: I am terrible with technology. How I can publish a blog, I have no idea, but if ever there are technical difficulties I’m screwed. Thankfully, I’m married to a guy who knows EVERYTHING to do with technology. He bought a new printer that has Wi-fi and showed me how to use it. I can basically print and scan things FROM MY PHONE now. I don’t know how long that’s been around, but it’s pretty freaking amazing.

13. I chose a day home for Wes and paid the deposit so there’s no turning back. Unless we win the lottery. Or find a lot of money somewhere. Or I sell a kidney.

14. I created a blog-specific email (see, maybe I do have some technological inclinations) so if you want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at nutcaseinpoint(at)gmail(dot)com. I love emails…HELLLLLOOOOO I am on mat leave and talk to two dogs and a baby all dayyyyyyyyy….so please send me something. Anything!

Wes says bye


What are you binge watching on Netflix right now?

Tell me something random!



21 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ryan and I are binge watching Person of Interest. The main character is also HOT HOT HOT. The episodes are always along the same line but there is so many other plots going on in the background, it keeps me hooked.

  2. I’m watching House of Cards, the American version. Middle of season 2. Loving it. DVD not Netflix, does that count? At least you have a phone. My wife has a phone, technically. It was new in 2003.

  3. I love Wes’ “cheese” face! Cheese is Swede’s favorite food by far. I think it was one of her first words too. Definitely before “Mama.”
    I’ve been watching a lot more TV than usual because nursing – I went through Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime in about a week and now am re-watching Sex in The City. Which is the hilarious. Oh the 90s.
    You really think if I sell a kidney I’ll have enough money to not go back to work after mat leave is over!?!? Sign me up.

  4. hahaha that last pic- amazing!!! You’re lucky your hubby is technology savvy because mine is not. He actually told me the other day that his goal for 2016 is to become more tech savvy so he went out and bought a google chromecast… and then proceeded to have me set it up, haha We also finally switched his Netflix account from receiving DVD’s (yes, I can’t believe that’s how long he has lived in the dark ages) to streaming… this is my life, haha but now we have a million shows we want to watch, but I’m never in the mood to start one!

  5. I’ve only tried the Wildrose Wraspberry Ale and it’s probably the worst raspberry beer I’ve ever tasted and therefore have not tried any other Wildrose. Oops.

    Sweet potato pancakes? do share.

    I’ve been binge watching The Good Wife. I think I’m on season 3. Or 2. I can’t remember.

    • Funny how tastebuds differ. I find it much better than other raspberries offered in this area! For the pancakes, I used my regular recipe, but instead of 3/4c yogurt, I did 1/4 c yogurt and 1/2 cup sweet potato. MAN OH MAN is it good.

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  7. We haven’t had a printer in years! I’m curious to know, what on earth are you sending from your phone (or computer) to be printed?!

    Don’t be so hard on yourself!! Those donuts were delicious!!

    HOW can you NOT enjoy The Bachelor?! It’s such good bad TV!!! We’ve kind of taken a break from Netflix for a while…trying to read before bed and go to bed early and all that jazz…but we are keeping up with the new season of Schitts Creek – SO FUNNY, and still working our way through The Walking Dead. On my own, I’ve just started on the last season of 90210 (the newer version), because yes, I enjoy teen dramas. ;p

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