Small Shoppin’- Will & Co.

Hey friends! Boy oh boy do I have an awesome little shop to share with you.



 Will&Co:  Julia Mathers is the creater of Will&Co. She is an early childhood educator that has been in the field for over a decade and absolutely adore what she does. She started Will&Co after a few friends were after some knit goods for their children.. toques, headbands etc. She has been knitting since she was a child and can’t watch tv without having my knitting with her! The name Will&Co comes from her dad Barry William Mathers and a few other Will’s that have been in her life. 
Her shop is based out of Kelowna, BC (Um I want to move there) so if you’re looking to support Canadian made, this is the place! She makes toques, booties, little boy boy ties and kidfinity scarves. Lots of goodies for the littles.
Julia sent us twinning the 50 Shades toques and they’re my newest favorite accessory. The name is pretty cool too 😉
The knit is so cozy and soft that Wes doesn’t even mind his on his head. No itch=no pulling off his noggin! I’m the same way. I accidentally kept it on for a couple of hours even when we got back inside!
Julia’s focus is mainly on accessories for children, but I am REALLY glad she ventured in to these twinning toques! She also mentioned that she’s getting into Mama Cabin Booties (to match the baby cabin booties.) Well, I guess I’ll need those too 😉
I mean, seriously, how adorable are these?–>
You can’t tell from the photo, but they have stitched leather soles made from 100% recycled leather. I remember seeing on her Instagram feed that they’re pretty durable, too. Noted for when Wes becomes a littler wanderer.
The look she aims for is simple, rustic and classic. And she definitely hits the nail on the head. There’s even a small personalized leather WILL sown to each toque. Super cute!
Julia’s also got a spring line of bow ties and kidfinity scarves which are set to be released on February 28th. Vancouver friends: this is the same day that Little Bean + Co will be launching their mobile shop which will be carrying some Will & Co products! 
Here’s a sneak peak:

The spring Kidfinity scarves are a light jersey knit blend, perfect for layering over tanks and t-shirts.These are priced at $14 CDN. The bow ties are same as the existing, just in three new patterns and they are priced at $12 CDN.

We already have a bow tie for Wes and he likes to rock it out now and then.

Julia has graciously offered a 20% discount to readers! American friends: this is a steal for you with the current exchange rate. Use the code NUTCASEINPOINT at checkout and promo is valid until March 31st.

Thanks Will & Co!

12 thoughts on “Small Shoppin’- Will & Co.

  1. Love these!!! You know I love matchy matchy!! 😉 we have one of her bow ties and definitely love it. Wes looks so cute and you look great.

  2. Your matching toques are the cutest. Do want! Liam’s dad lost his Slouch beanie that was twinning with mine but with exchange i do not want to order from there again so may have to look at these guys for new twinning toques!

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