From the Week

And here it is again. Friday. One of the best days ever. Even though I’m not working, I still love Fridays- there’s something about the whole mood of the day that makes everything at least 10% happier. Some stuff from the week–>

On Tuesday, we headed over to the park for some fresh air. It was nice out (and even a bit warm!) when we left the house, but by the time we got down there the wind had picked up. Wes was a trooper and we hung out at the playground for a bit.





We had Chinese food for dinner. I got my usual: moo shu pork.


On Wednesday, Tyler and his mom went out to run errands while Wes and I stayed at home. I had my usual pancakes (I know, the pictures are getting annoying of them, but they’re so yummy). And I may have had a piece of Chocolate Irish Cream cheesecake that Tyler made. Not with breakfast, but at some point shortly after! It’s so weird, I am NOT a cheesecake person, but it really is delicious when made from scratch.



AND THEN-> Tyler gave me some tickets to the Flames game he got from work! Can’t hate center ice seats, especially when they’re free. I met up with Susie at the Saddledome and we chatted more than we watched the game. The mom in me was mad it was a late game (8pm) because I didn’t want to be out at all hours, but I still managed to be home just after 11 and in bed 2 minutes after that.



On Thursday, Tyler’s mom and I went to get mani/pedis. I hadn’t had either since the day before Wes was born, so it felt nice to have a little pampering.


We think Wes has a 4th tooth coming in and he had been a bit cranky in the morning. He ended up napping for a whopping two hours, which meant it would be a one nap day. With that, he fell asleep mid bottle before 6:30 and while we were having our own dinner. I like to multitask and was feeding myself and Wes at the same time. Chicken parm FOR THE WIN.


Pretty good week if you ask me. Lots of hanging out and relaxing and then some mama time/pampering! This week’s workouts have been T25 Alpha (I’m really into the cardio lately..less stressful on the joints than some weight routines. Plus, I think I’m already covering the strength department just by holding Wes. Big boy.) and long walks with the doggies.

I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you next week!

Oh! And the winner of the Parker & Posie giveaway is…….Lindsey!!! I sent you an email πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for everyone who entered and for Jaimie at Parker & Posie for offering a pair to giveaway!

Happy Friday!

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