From the Week

TGIF for reals. I love Fridays so much. Just a few random things to share from the week..

Eats: We had some pretty decent dinners this week. Turkey meatballs, bbq pulled chicken sandwiches, roasted pork loin, and shepherds pie. Not too shabby. Plus, it allowed me to use a lot of the stuff we already had on hand. The more I can stretch a dollar..

I threw some spinach in my protein pancakes on Wednesday and it didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to have them again!


I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and have been secretly waiting for ‘dessert time’ every day because…chocolate chip cookies.


Another one of my Sticky9 orders came in the mail and I was really excited to go through them. The quality isn’t 100% super on the photos themselves, but the little square cards are so cute and they make for great decorations. Wes loves seeing them up around the house and giggles when he notices any photo that he’s in.


I picked up a forward facing carrier off kijiji for $5 and Wes JUST fits in it, but we wanted to see if having him in a carrier that faces out might help free our hands and allow him to look around. Because it’s a bit too snug, I’ll only be using it around the house. He seemed to really love it! But pulling him out of it is a task in itself 🙂


We also walked over to the library to pick up some new books. I had to take a picture of the one Wes loves best in case I ever need to buy it or something. I’ll miss his giggles each time I get to the last page.

Since the weather has been so nice, just about all of our errands this week have been on foot! I love getting Wes out in the fresh air.


Other than that, we’ve been just hanging around and being silly together. His naps have been all over the place, but I’ve managed to squeeze in my workouts each day + take the dogs on nice walks once Tyler gets home (loving that the walks are during the tail end of daylight, too!).




PS: I’m on snapchat now! I didn’t understand it for the longest time, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Add me! (please?)


That’s pretty much it on our end. Weekend plans include a trip to Costco and family time (hopefully some of it outdoors!) 


13 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. What a cutie!! I use sticky99, too, but I get magnets and give them as gifts – they’re so cute! I get my IG pictures printed through Walgreens, and the quality is pretty good for a phone picture! Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to read more!

  2. I love sticky9 too! We get the magnets, and Sully loves playing with them on the fridge and pointing out all the people he knows by name.
    Have you tried wearing Wes on your back in the ergo? This was a game changer for us as it allows them to look around and see much more and leaves your hands and front free. He was much happier once I started wearing him on my back. It’s a little tricky to get them in it, I just lay him on top of the ergo on the edge of the bed and then lean backwards, do up the waist clasp and then slip my arms in and pull him up. (when he was smaller obviously).

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