Wesley Arlo- ONE YEAR

I can hardly believe I no longer have a baby. Instead, I have a big and bubbly TODDLER. The past year has absolutely flown by and while there were several ups and several downs, I wouldn’t trade the past 12 months for the world. I am so glad I get to be this little boy’s mama and he makes me the happiest lady around. And pretty strong, too. <–from all the carrying and tossing…;)


He had his one year checkup yesterday and weighed in at 23.6 pounds and exactly 2 1/2 feet tall. I think he’s going to grow to be taller than both mom and dad!


bow tie from Will & Co; leggings from Baby H designs; moccs from Posh Panda


As of March 17th, he was a crawling machine. Since then, he has progressed to pulling himself up, standing, and even attempting to step up onto things. Most of the time, he’s practicing his going up and down the step from our living room, which is equal parts hilarious and a pain because he’s either REALLY happy doing it or REALLY unhappy doing it.



I’m pretty sure his legs got the majority of his growth spurt over the past month, and the crawling has thinned him out a bit. He’s wearing his size 5 Baby Dry diapers at night and size 4 Cruisers during the day. All of his clothes still fit- 18/24 months-2T. And he’s in big boy shoes! 5s or 6s depending on the make. He wears 2-4y socks but the ankle is still pretty tight on him.



He’s got 6 teeth- 4 up top and two on the bottom. He eats EVERYTHING. Chicken is finally an acceptable protein, so it’s nice to be able to give him some leftovers from our dinners. And he really loves pasta with sauce! And pickles. And olives. And all crackers and fruit and cheese…..I could go on forever in this category πŸ˜‰






Still no real words. Most of the time it’s dadadada, but he has started to really imitate the dogs or even us when we clear our throats! He knows his name and will react to ‘no no’ whenever he’s about to do something he shouldn’t- like mess with the cable box or touch Reggie.



His naps are still a bit touchy. Most days it’s now only one nap and that can range anywhere form an hour to almost two hours. If he falls asleep early enough in the day, I’ll try to get him to rest again- even if it’s just quiet time in his crib. I’ll check the monitor and if he doesn’t fall asleep, he’ll usually just be sitting there with his blankie or standing up along the side and trying to pet his rocking horse. Bed time is around 7 and he will sleep for 12 hours.


Wes still loves riding in the car and I think it’s mostly because he gets a kick out of seeing himself in the mirror. He will randomly laugh at himself! He’s pretty good in the stroller for walks- mostly because the newer Bob we got has a lot better back support, and he will sit in the shopping carts whenever we’re out shopping.



Wes like to clap and pat his belly and play peekaboo with his blankie (or just recently using his hands!) He has fantastic coordination and loves to roll his balls and can put his toys together or turn them on, or basically do whatever function they’re designed for.


Again, I still can’t believe he is a whole year old already. And now that he’s hit this stage, it’s like everything is just flying by! Before we know it, he will be walking and having conversations with us! Eek.



Wes- If the internet still exists when you get older and you’re reading this, I hope you know how much of a joy you are to your daddy and I and we absolutely love you to death. xoxo


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Wesley Arlo- 11 Months

Holy h-e-double hockey sticks. I can’t believe how fast time has FLOWN by with this little man. Just to think that this time last year I was already off work on short term disability and laying on the couch all day watching Scandal on Netflix, eating Nutella, and waiting for my baby boy to get here. (I guess life is pretty much the same with regards to the couch sitting, Netflix watching and Nutella eating;) )


So here’s where we’re at: the kid is a blast. Like, I’m pretty sure there is no better kid out there.

He’s still in size 5 diapers, 24mo clothes, sleeps 12 hours through the night, and eats just about anything that’s given to him.

See? The best.




He now has five teeth and loves to eat crunchy snacks. Most notably: MY goldfish crackers. Guess it’s time I learn to share. (Except I did just buy him some Annie’s bunnies only because they’re slightly healthier for him. Plus, no sharing required.) He sucks down smoothies like a champ, loves fruits and veggies and those GD puffs. He’s still not a huge fan of meat, but will tolerate some turkey meatballs or pulled pork now and again. Eggs are still having him make a yucky face, but he’ll eat a few pieces before moving on to more delicious foods.

He’s no longer breastfeeding. February 24 was his last feeding, and on the morning of the 25th, he just didn’t want it anymore. I am super sad about it, but it’s nice to know it was his choice. (Don’t get me started on how crazy my hormones/metabolism has been since then. ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE). He’ll have a bottle in the morning, one in the late afternoon and one before bed and we’re slowly integrating some milk into the formula.


He’s successfully mastered getting up on all fours, but no forward-crawling yet. Most of his ‘travel’ is an up-on-all-fours-twist-around-and-repeat motion. And he even more recently started using the couch or the fireplace to get up on his knees! Which means we really have to get our butts in gear and buy some gates and baby-proofing stuff.


Plus, this whole almost-crawling business makes it darn near impossible to get any non-blurry photos of him! I need to learn how to use my fancy camera better so I can avoid this! (ps: anyone have any tips or tricks on how I can achieve that?)




He’s down to one nap a day most of the time. This transition was a bit harder for me because it meant less of a mental break during some of those long days. But less napping means earlier bed time, so no real complaints from these parents πŸ˜‰

I’ve started to stress a lot less about getting out of the house with him as well. Before, I wanted to always make sure we were home for nap time and for meals. But then something in my head clicked and I realized this little man is going to have to start learning to roll with the punches..plus, it just takes a bit of planning with packing food! We’ve gone out for some pretty long stretched of time and it has been SO nice.



Leggings: Little D Threads; Multi-use clip: KEWE Clothing; bibdana: Mawdsley Loves

Oh wait, this is a Wes update. Not a me update. Moving on..

It has been a lot of fun watching him develop! He now stacks toys, intentionally groups them, and throws all the balls. (I stepped on my first toy last week. It was a triangle shaped wooden toy and it hurt like a SOB..and even left a large bruise!) He’ll also hand us things and then take them back. I say I think it’s fun now, but I’m guessing it’ll get old really quick as I expect this will be an ongoing trend for the next few years. Oy!



This month, he has really hated being put on the changing table and will cling to us like an upside down sloth as we try to lay him down. How appropriate his 11 month outfit include sloth pants.


And he has had a few fits when Tyler picks him up..mostly because it makes him think it’s bed time!

But then all we have to do is throw him in the blue car and he starts screeching with excitement. Now if only he would stop snagging all the dishtowels from the stove when he drives through the kitchen…





As far as dogs go, he still loves them. More obsessed with Layla because she’s on the floor more then His Highness Reggie who is always on the couch. Lots of snuggles and kisses and fistfuls of hair.


I’m still working on having him say mama…At first it was a bunch of dadadadada’s, but now its evolved to rarararara so I’d say there’s progress. He’ll also mimic certain noises we make to him which is entirely too entertaining!

And the smiles. I love all the smiles. Even if they rarely happen for the camera.


I can’t believe the next update will be for his FIRST BIRTHDAY.

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Wesley Arlo- 10 months

That one year mark keeps creeping closer and closer and I don’t like it one bit. Well, I do love watching him develop and learn new tricks, but I miss my teeny tiny little baby. I can’t believe it has been ten whole months! Double digits.


He wasn’t in the happiest of moods while I tried to snap his 10 month photos this morning, but I think I got a few.

He weighs about 23 pounds (home scale) and wears 18-24 month clothes. He’s got three teeth- both bottom front and his top right. Size 5 diapers. And really big socks so his circulation isn’t cut off…#cankleproblems.


Eats:Β He still breastfeeds every morning, but he hardly gets anything so it’s almost immediately supplemented with solids. 3 meals a day: his favorite breakfast is peanut butter toast and a half a banana (Every day. That’s a lot of bananas!) he gets cheese and fruit and veggies and a meat (if we have any leftovers) and some cheerios, and dinner is somewhat the same as lunch. He’ll polish off a squeeze pouch if he’s not satisfied with the solids we’ve given him. 3 bottles a day: between 4-8 oz in each. He’s a really easy eater. I have him cauliflower and broccoli and pickles and pork and he’ll just pick them up and eat them like it wasn’t a big deal.


Sleep:Β We’ve finally started letting him put himself to sleep. Most of the time it works, but there are occasions where we’ve had to go in and soothe him. On a typical day, he will nap twice, ranging from 45min-80 min, and will sleep through the night for 12-13 hours.


In the past month, he has really tried to get on his knees to crawl. So far, he’s pretty much mastered the roll and will get from one side of the room to the other in a flash.

He’s learned to clap his hands and can even give me a high five when I ask for it! Of course, I always ask for his left hand, so that’s the only hand he’ll use πŸ˜‰


He babbles a lot and only really says ‘dada dada’ which is totally unfair considering *I* should be the favorite parent, right??

He loves shaking his toys and has a favorite book that I’ve check (and re-checked) out of the library. It’s about a puppy and the last page is a lot of WOOF WOOF WOOFs and when I read it he laughs so hard. Speaking of laughs, he’s ticklish! I love getting right into his underarms and he’s SO CLOSE to making a belly laugh I cannot even stand the cuteness of it.


He loves to play with the blinds. I blame this on the fact that I’m always looking out of them for the mail person each morning. He loves his reflection and high fiving himself in the mirror. He LOVE LOVE LOVES his car (remember to check out my Instagram for #WesOnWheels) and will cry when I take him off.


He’s getting a lot better at actually petting the dogs rather than smacking them. Layla could care less so long as she’s nearby, but I think Reggie appreciates the more gentle approach.


He loves his baths and splashes so hard that it looks like I also took a bath with him. I put him in a laundry basket in the tub and keep the basket in the bathroom when we’re not giving him a bath so it makes for a makeshift playpen when he has separation anxiety and I have to pee πŸ˜‰


He’s an overall amazing little boy. He does like to have me close by or in sight at all times which can get a bit tiring. Big boy=big whines. You know that clip from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd asks if they want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Well, that would be Wes’s constant whining. I’m not complaining though, because we have it pretty darn easy.


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