Weekend Recap

Another great weekend in the books! Which also mean one week closer to going home..womp. Friday: Obviously the day started with pancakes! The consistency of these are way different than the ones I make at home..I now know just how awesome … Continue reading

Weekend Recap

Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend. I have to take more pictures so I can remember what the heck I did over the weekend since everything seems to just blur together.


After breakfast, Wes and I went for a 4ish mile walk. I tried to go on the bike path as much as I could since the city sidewalks are TERRIBLE. I generally try to walk when Wes needs to nap and he usually falls asleep before I’m even down the driveway, so a smooth ride is necessary!photo 1-78

When we got back, Wes stretched his legs out a bit in the jumperoo, I had lunch, and we went to the mall with my mom to pick up some stuff. (UM HELLO Quest bars are only $24/box here! I hate Canada for stupid high prices. And I was able to pick up some cherry Carmex chapstick because that’s the best stuff EVER)

photo 2-75

photo 3-54

Before getting back home, we had to make the mandatory stop at Rob and Deb’s for some soft serve. Their last day of the season was Sunday, so it was muy important I get some. I inhaled it in about .4 seconds.

photo 4-33

The evening was pretty low key:

  • I did my workout on the back porch. I started Insanity this week and it’s pretty good! The cardio + humidity = SWEATY JEN. PS: I’m not a Beachbody rep or anything, but the workout programs they have are great for my lifestyle because they are quick and EFFECTIVE.
  • We had tacos for dinner. Wes sat in a high chair for the first time ever and loved every second of it! I especially loved that I was able to eat my dinner with two hands. And sit at a table.
  • I rifled through my mom’s closet of funzies and found an old members only style jacket I used to rock in college.
  • Wes was a major PITA (pain in the a**) to get to sleep, so it took my mom and I almost 2 hours get finally get him settled and to bed. I don’t blame him– a time change, new environment and different routine will do that to you!

photo 1-79


Super fail on my part- I took like ZERO pics on Saturday. From what I can remember of the morning, I was up at normal time with Wes to feed, then I had my own breakfast before my parents offered to take Wes for a walk. Do you know what that means? That means this lady went back to bed for a 90 minute nap. It was GLORIOUS.

I hung out with Wes the rest of the day- some naps/snuggles/feeds/walk then we all went out to run some errands. In the late afternoon, Wes and I went of to my friend Amy’s new house for her housewarming party. It was great to see her and her new place! Wes did great, too. We stayed for a few hours until Wes fell asleep (plus it was raining).

After getting home, I had leftovers for dinner, did my workout, bathed Wes, then went to bed.



Happy Grandparents Day! We had mimosas to celebrate.

photo 2-76

My Sunday brunch was accompanied by my favorite episode EVER of Friends. With a side of baby mat time. And some blog reading. PS: It’s the episode when Ross and Rachel get drunk in their hotel room in Vegas and get married. Ahhh hilarious.

photo 3-55

It was pretty yuck weather out but my mom and I managed to squeeze in a walk before it poured. The rest of the afternoon/evening was pretty lazy. And then there was pie.

photo 4-35

Before bed, I got my workout in and it was SWEATY. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t realize it until I was humming Wes to sleep last night that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle are the same tune! Mind= blown.

Sidenote: my parents had the Miss America pageant on last night and was it just me or did all of the girls have the most whack walks during the swimsuit portion?!! I couldn’t handle it.

How was your weekend?


And now I ramble

I think I’ve meant to sit down about 35823529 times to actually type a post. But then I’d either fall asleep, eat, or fall asleep again. MY B YOU GUYS.
Since I posted the big BABY news a couple of weeks ago, people from various forms of social media have actually asked me to write about my experience so far. WHAT? You people want to hear about how bad my boobs hurt, that I feel like sh*t and only want to eat bagels with cream cheese? (Didn’t you already watch What to Expect When You’re Expecting?) Ok, so I don’t really want to do official updates – or, OMG, BUMPdates…puh-lease, but I guess I’ll fill you in on some of the funzies. Sidenote: I’m actually making a scrapbook of this preg to document things, so that’s cool.
First- I just wanted to recap my trip HOME last week!! Activities included:
-Going to the Adirondack Flames home opener (funny that I live in Calgary and the Calgary flames AHL team is now in my parent’s hometown)
photo 1-19
-Going to Lake George
photo 2-18
-Getting apple cider donuts
photo 3-14
-Shopping IN AMERICA. My my my, I bought so much stuff and I have ZERO retail regrets. That hardly ever happens.
-Scrabble (I won every game)
-Trip to Boston to see all of my favorites! ‘Favorites’ include a handful of humans and Trader Joe’s
-Bunco with my mom and all of her old lady friends. I won.
-Setting up Netflix for my parents. Insert approx 3 fits of rage here.
-Mexican food, pizza, sandwiches, and dinner at my FAVE spot- Bistro Leroux. Sad I didn’t have tequila, beer, or wine to pair with these.
-SHOPPPPPPPING (said in Oprah voice)
-helping my dad relocate a skunk. Ps: we trapped it in the backyard and released it at the airport. Because that makes sense. Pps: It would make sense if you knew it was a tiny tiny tiny local airport and it was beyond the runway so I’m guessing he’s ok.
-NAPS. Oh my god, I napped so much. We would either be out walking around shopping all day or actually going for long walks and it would just totally wipe me out.
-RUNNING! I started running again after 8 weeks! Woop. Also, running is hard. Let’s just say there were a lot of walking intervals.
-mani/pedi. She even fixed up my nasty dried feet courtesy of Calgary weather.
Ok, I’m tired now. Let’s talk about my knocked up status, shall we?!
First off, I officially don’t care about what the hell I’m eating. Ok, that’s a lie. I DO care, but hot DAMN I crave absolutely zero things except carby carby goodness. And OJ. And fruit. And then there was a gummy worm incident… And guess what? I’m so freaking happy. I love food and food loves me. More specifically, my ass. But let’s not get into that.
I’m just gonna say one word and then we’re all gonna pause and laugh, ok? The word: workouts.
Um, no.
For a while, I was only walking and stretching. Then I added in some DVDs- yoga/Tracy Anderson. Then strength was thrown back into the mix. But I mean, there is almost zero intensity. And guess what? Just like the food situation..I’m so freaking happy. I make sure I move, and when I’m tired I stop. And stretching is a god send for those days when I put gym clothes on and my body’s all: ohhhh HELLLLL NO.
Things I can now attest as true:
Pregnancy brain. Yup, I am officially stupid.
Mood Swings. Or as Jenny McCarthy referred to is as: psycho chick? Yeah….poor Tyler.
This last one might throw you for a loop, but holy moly are weekend mornings glorious when I no longer wake up hungover! Just gimme a bagel and I’ll be happy as a clam.
So far, I have only purchased one baby-thing: a diaper bag. And let’s be honest, it’s really for ME and not the BABY. It’s a pretty slick Petunia Pickle Bottom piece that I can’t wait to make Tyler carry.
-These headaches are the devil! I think they’re made even worse with the stupid lighting at my office and all I want to do is Stevie Wonder it up with a cool pair of shades just to be able to look at my computer screen.
-I can only sleep on my right side which is really annoying. Sometimes, when I’m sneaking in some episodes of Scandal (yes, I started it and yes, I’m hooked) under the sheets, I try to lay on my left and about 2 mins into it my body hates me. Like hates me a lot.
Time to go eat a bagel. Or nap. Or stretch.

Back in the New York Groove

Hi guys! Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks you’re going to have to suffer through reading some ill-written posts (worse than the usual) because I only brought my iPad with me. I considered using my moms laptop, but that’s a death trap.

So the last few days have been fun! I got to the airport bright and early yesterday only to fall victim to an incredibly long customs line. Like, 3x the length it usually is. After making it through a long check in line, long customs line, security line and Starbucks line, I just made it on my flight. Only to sit at the gate for 45 minutes while they de-iced the plane. (couldn’t they have done that before we all got on board?!)

It was a full flight so they had been offering travel vouchers, yadda yadda. Well, the plane gods were with me at that moment because the middle seat in my row went unoccupied, sweet victory.

Because of the delay, I then had to SPRINT to my connecting flight. (No casual gate lunges for this girl). Then as luck would have it, the flight crew was late, so we sat on that plane for another hour before taking off.

Whatever. I was home by 4:30.

I hadn’t eaten all day because of all my rushing to wait on planes, so it was nice to have one of my old favorites

The Tropical Chicken Salad from the 99

I also swung by the famed local watering hole for a frosty beverage and some catching up with friends.

Today, I:
-wore one of my new pv.body outfits. Holy moly was it comfy. If you like what you see, click on that link and take the style quiz. After signing up, you’ll get 20% off! (But only through that link). I already posted a photo of the outfit on Instgram, but I’m gonna show you another that I took post-run on the treadmill we have in the basement. Note: this is the best mirror ever.


-did the designated workout from Best Body Bootcamp. It consisted of a strength circuit (with slow, concentrated movements). Rather than doing bursts of cardio between each set, I opted to hit the treadmill after running through 3 sets. I did a smooth 30 minutes while watching The Biggest Loser.


-went to Target!
-made chocolate chunk cookies
-made Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken
(And by ‘made’ I meant that I basically made my parents make it. Hey, deciding what to make is half the battle!)


I am really excited for the next couple of weeks because I know it’s going to have a lot of fun things in store.

Starting with tomorrow. My lovely mother was kind enough to go to a bridal expo the other day and she found a really awesome DJ for the wedding. I have a meeting with him tomorrow (totally booking him) and then I’m off to Saratoga to try on my dress! Honestly, I love my dress and the place where I got it has provided the best service ever. So, to my upstate New Yorkers, head to Lily Saratoga for bridal stuff. Seriously. (The fitting has the potential to be followed by some shopping and lunching and drinking)

That’s it for now. I am exhausted!