I’m really trying to stop buying things. Really, I am. But sometimes it’s just too hard. I mean, I went to Shoppers on Saturday just to buy $75 worth of stuff so I could earn 2 free movie passes. And half the crap I didn’t even need. Ok, will I sort of did. But it would have been more cost effective if I just bough the movie tickets separately. Oh well. You live and you learn. And then you go shopping.
With that said, I have some stuff to share with you. Stuff I like, stuff in my life, and stuff that’s just….well….stuff.
One of my purchases this weekend was some fancy shampoo/conditioner. I have almost always strictly been a cheap shampo/conditioner purchaser, but with my gradually changing hair color (gross, it is SO dark now) and the stupid ass weather here, I have been forced to venture into the market of more costly beauty products to maintain hair ‘health.’ Or is it all a ploy? Who cares, this stuff smells amazing:
Think: creamsicle meets salon meets the good-smelling section of a perfume counter.
I also got some of these puppies:
I figured it would be a good investment to use after my lunch time workouts so I don’t get body acne from changing back into my work clothes without showering. Turns out, it leaves somewhat of a sticky residue. No worse than my sweat, yet I smell like a grapefruit. Ok, I’ll take it.
 I won’t talk anymore about how much I love my new gym at work. Because that would be rude to rub in such a great thing. MOVING ON…
THIS playlist-> it’s weird and random and motivating and fun and I love it! (PS: any song recommendations?)
 Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.49.20 PM
I had SO much free time the other night that I whipped up a batch of Vegan Carrot Muffins. I’d love to say that I concocted this recipe, but sadly I did not. If, however, you want the recipe- head on over to fANNEtastic food. Don’t get me wrong- I WILL play around with the recipe and share any successes!
Last week, Tyler and I watched the entire series of An Idiot Abroad. Has anyone heard of it? It’s HILARIOUS. In season 1, he guy is sent to each of the seven wonders and is forced to endure whatever embarrassing/idiotic/weird thing that Ricky Gervais puts this through before making it to the wonder. I was dying of laughter through every episode. I highly recommend this for a good laugh- and it’s actually a bit of a learning experience to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff near the sites! (Provided video of an episode below!)

An Idiot Abroad: Season 1 Episode 4 – Mexico by f100000879525754

 BAHhhh I almost forgot! The winner of the Kinnikinnick giveaway isss……..Sarina!
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.05.58 PM
Email me at jennifer(dot)l(dot)linton(at)gmail(dot)com your mailing address and phone number and I’ll make sure your package gets sent out! Congrats!

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