Winesday Wednesday

I can’t blog, I’m sick. Boo you whore.


At least, that was my excuse for the past week or so, I promise. Well at least that’s my excuse for Sunday and Monday.


That said, It’s time for Winesday Wednesday!!!


Insert imaginary trumpet playing here.

I tried a couple new beers: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown Ale, Big Rock’s Monk’s Misery, and Laughing Dog Huckleberry Cream Ale. The verdict? #1 was delish (I found it on tap at a restaurant the next day and actually preferred the bottle); #2 was different (in a good way. Think rosemary meets um…other spices without being too spicy. Scratch that, don’t try to imagine that. Regardless, it was good. Per usual); and #3 was meh (I don’t think it was cold enough or I it tasted funny because of something I had just eaten. idk but I will give it a second chance).


Oh right, and I also filled up one of our growler’s with Village Troubadour– a mild brown ale that was SUPER tasty and will definitely get again.


Saturday, Tyler and I went out to dinner to celebrate having signed off on all our major kitchen reno purchases, and I had a Winter Julep. It was something to the extent of Jack Daniels, lime, mint….and I think that’s it?! It was delicious and looked pretty cool when an iceberg is served in the middle of it!

photo 4-5

Now you’re all just sitting there like:


I know, right?

Oh, and Michael sent me over some more cool pics! (Fellow beer advocate, yessir!)

Her wrote: Went to Victory Brewing company in Dowingtown, Pennsylvania this past weekend for a tour with a couple buddies. This place is awesome. That beer pictured is their Hop Devil IPA on a nitro tap. Think of the consistency of a Guinness but with an IPA taste. It was quite amazing. Those other pictures are just some Citra hops and mash-tuns that I thought you might want to include. Totally up to you. Happy Winesday Wednesday!


For your entertainment:

This pretty much sums up what most of us do when buying/ordering wine:

A parody of Blurred Lines: BLURRED VINES! Yes, love this. Ok, maybe it’s not SUPER hilarious, but I suspect you’ll give at least one chuckle


3 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday

  1. Hahaha that video is awesome. Also, the “second cheapest” thing was talked about at a wine seminar I went to- the guy said don’t pick it because the restaurant usually puts the cheapest wine as the second cheapest because they know that’s what people will order more than the cheapest wine! so true

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