Catching Up Again

So here we are again, almost another 2 full weeks since the last time I popped in. Cold weather + lack of really any activity have made it nearly impossible to want to come here and chat, but I do … Continue reading

Catching Up

I didn’t mean to be absent from this little space for so long, but hot dang is it ever easy to get swept up in the holidays and before you know it…BOOM, it’s time to take down the tree. I honestly can’t … Continue reading

Week in Photos

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I’m typing this on Sunday night and HOLY SH*T have I been a stress ball all day. Way too many factors have been giving me anxiety and I was just busting at the seams all day. Thank goodness I’m now sitting down and taking a peak at some of the photos I got of my handsome little dude throughout the week..

Monday: I got Wes dressed rather proper for the day. We didn’t have anything special on the agenda other than the gym and running some errands, but it sure as heck cheered me up…as well as some people we saw along the way.


(Bow tie from Will & Co)





I had to work on Monday night (ewwwwwww), but managed to make a delicious batch of homemade mac and cheese before I was off. It was freaking delicious. Freaking.


Tuesday: Again, nothing major. Went to the gym (for my mock interview), we hung around the house for the day, then I went back to the gym that night for a 10/10/10 class.


It snowed as we were leaving the house in the morning, so we hung out in the front yard for a few extra minutes so Wes could ‘play.’


(Scarf by Wild Roots & Co)



We built a chair fort in the living room and Wes discovered candy. And so it begins..


Wednesday: Wes and I ran errands to get a few little things to decorate the house with. I actually got dressed and rocked my twinning scarf that Wes also has! I get that the point is to wear them at the same time, but I march to the beat of a different drum. But seriously, check out Jordana’s shop– she’s slowly coming out with more and more items that she makes herself and they are fantastic quality.

I rounded out the day with a Hot Barre class and came home to start studying for my Fitness Instructor exam.


Thursday: I can’t remember anything other than going to the circuit bootcamp in the morning then meeting up with Susie downtown at Trolley 5 for some good ol’ conversation and beer. The conversation: GREAT. The beer: ALSO GREAT. (The ribs….not so much, but beer wins in my books!)


Friday: Took a tabata class in the AM then hung out with my man before work. A shift that was entirely sucky if I might add. I serve at a brewpub and only made $14. ARGH

This guy wore his crown all day and even jumped in his bouncy castle with it! #king



^ his face when I tell him to ‘cheese’






Saturday: I went into town to get my teeth cleaned and ran a few errands before heading back home to hang out before work. My kid is already double fisting, so it’s true that they do imitate everything you do. HA


PS: As much as I’m trying to decorate with nice pieces, my house will never look nice. There are too many toys and dogs and not enough hands or hours in the day to give a flying f&#$.

I was only at work for a few hours and managed to have a significantly better night than Friday, so that put me in a better mood.


Sunday: Didn’t consist of much. I spent most of the morning studying (and ripping my freaking hair out because of how annoying and in-depth the material is. Did I mention that I NEVER want to have to take a test for anything ever again in my life?!!! It is no fun. Zero.) Then it was time to head over to Oranj (my current gym) to have a private group class with some of the girls from the blog squad…more info and pics on that to come later this week!

And that’s just some of the goodies from the week. Chat soon!



Latest Faves

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday:) I have been so crazed lately with our trip, work, and everything with the new house that I seem to have neglected my little internet space a bit. I have made sure to make super quick check-ins with my weekly photo dumps and beer talk, but that’s about it.

SO, today I want to share with you some cool stuff. Jumping right in…



A couple of months ago I got in touch with Jordana who just launched her small shop WildRootsandCo. She’s based out of Calgary (yay local!) and when I got to snooping through her Instagram account, I quickly got hooked on her handmade cosmetic bags.

We got to chatting, and once her shop launched in September, I was able to get my hands on the starburst print bag!


Ok, that’s a lie. Wes got his hands on it first. Then proceeded to pack/unpack all of my makeup into it.


I absolutely love the color and that it’s not super stiff so that I can smoosh it into my luggage while traveling (and smoosh it I did on this most recent trip!) Best part? It’s easily washable. No wait, best part? It’s made locally. Yep- I love to support local whenever I can.


A bit about Jordana-

  • She’s a mom to 3 girls
  • She teaches the 2nd grade
  • She has a BFA in technical design aka: sewing
  • She has a super supportive hubby and opened the shop to show her girls they can go after anything they want in life
  • She wants WildRootsandCo to represent her… a mom, wife, woman and life learner!

Since launching her shop on Etsy, Jordana has expanded her product line to incorporate loop scarves, slouchy beanies, paci clips, burp cloths, and the list goes on…

Be sure to also check out her Instagram page for products and upcoming markets!


I also came across another small shop while at the Airdrie Farmers Market a while back: Munckin & Sprout Creations. Corrie makes some of the most adorable maxaloons (and other kids clothing). I had never heard on maxaloons before, but they’re basically pants that have extended cuffs and waistband so that as the child grows, you can gradually unroll the material and they still fit! Great idea for my little sprout 😉

The fabric is so soft and she does custom orders so I quickly got three pair. Can you guess which fabric Tyler chose?




Yep, he chose the Avengers.



I’ve washed them quite a few times already and they’re still super soft and stretchy. There’s only one trick with these pants though- being able to properly roll the cuffs and waistband when you’ve got a squirmy toddler on your hands!

Be sure to check out Corrie’s Facebook page (where you can contact her to place an order and see her upcoming markets) and check out her Instagram page as well!


Alright, last up: Kismet Essentials Coco Rinse. I don’t know if you follow me on social media (you don’t?! Shame on you! Here’s some links–> twitter, instagram, snapchat: nutcaseinpoint) but a while back, I posted some photos and videos of this stuff. And I loved it.

What is Coco Rinse? It’s cool, that’s what it is.

All joking aside, it’s an oil-pulling kit which uses DME, virgin, organic coconut oil (that’s also certified fair trade!). Apparently this method is an ancient dental procedure that has been used to pull toxins from the body. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of years ago, but never thought to try it myself.

Some of the benefits include: fresher breath, reduced plaque, whiter teeth, smoother skin, better digestion.


The kit is pretty easy to use: empty one packet into you mouth and swish the contents around for 10-20 minutes. Then you spit it out and brush your teeth as normal.

I made it a point to do this every morning while I got my coffee ready, prepped breakfast and mentally prepared for the day ahead (before getting Wes from his crib). After doing this for 14 days, I did notice that my breath was minty fresh- thanks to the mint flavor of the coconut oil- and my teeth felt as clean as if I just went to the dentist. You know, the best feeling ever.


Oh hey, look at that empty box. I was so excited to use the kit, that I forgot to save any photos. Whoops.

Interested in trying Kismet Essentials Coco Rinse for yourself? Check out their site here to order. The company is based out of Vancouver, BC BUT they ship worldwide!

Also, don’t forget to visit their Instagram page and follow them on Twitter 🙂


So that’s it from this end… A big thanks to Jordana, Corrie, & Kismet for their wonderful products!

Weekly Photo Dump

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