Liebster Award :)

2x today you are graced with my presence. It’s Jen overload. (You secretly get excited when I have a new post, admit it)

BUT I HAD TO IMMEDIATELY POST AGAIN because Sara from My Life in a Lab Coat nominated me for a freakin’ award! Thanks so much Sara, not only does it make me feel super duper good, but I have a case of raging boredom so this couldn’t have come at a better time.


It’s for small blogs, which makes it even awesomer because THOSE are the blogs I love most! We little folk are more interesting, funnier….you get the idea. So, I gotta tell you 11 things about myself, answer the 11 questions from Sara, nominate 11 people, and ask 11 questions for them to answer. Here goes!

11 things about me

1. When I run on the treadmill, I do a 4-count on my right hand. Over and over and over again. People and neighboring treadmills think I’m cray.


2. I still jump onto the bed because there is a monster under it who WILL grab my leg. (Insert scene of Sixth Sense here).

3. I sang in Carnegie Hall! In Latin! As a soprano!

4. I DO NOT eat fries.

5. I don’t wear ‘makeup’ (i.e.: foundation, concelear, etc.) It’s too icky for my pours. Strictly You Rebel moisturizer and a bit of Hoola from Benefit

6. I have lived in Southern California, Northern California, Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Boston, and now Calgary. Progressively colder places.

7. When we were living in Northern California (we had a chocolate lab named Sadie) a cockatiel flew into our backyard. So, we put signs up for a found bird. No one claimed her, so we named her Tiki and bought her a cage. On nice days (which is pretty much every day in CA) my dad would hang the cage in the backyard under the awning. Well, after two years of having our ‘found’ bird, the cage broke, and Tiki flew away. Good thing too, I hated cleaning that cage.

8. My favorite family vacation EVER was going to a dude ranch in Colorado. I had my own horse for a week, got to hang out with kids my age (super fun when you’re an only child) and eat cowboy food. (Wait- I just ranked this vacation over Hawaii. Am I insane?! No. Why? Because this gal DOES NOT do bathing suits. NO. NO. NO. Although, that reminds me, my high school friend Becca and I used to scooter (Razr scooters, HA!) around our town barefoot and in bathing suits. We would sometimes get all the way to a shopping center and be so dehydrated and hot that we would have to walk into the local pizza place and ask to use their phone to call my mom to come pick us up..and then take us to Starbucks for caramel frappuccinos.

9. I was convinced that I would go to school for soccer. Soccer was my life growing up. Primarily because I was the best left-footer (ok, the ONLY left footer, really). But for some reason, when I got to high school, my dad made me try out for the volleyball team and the rest is history. Boy was it gross when I gained the freshman 45 and still had to wear California spandex (1 1/4 inch inseam. YUCK)

10. That being said, it wasn’t until after high school did I find out what people were calling me behind my back. pun intended. you’ll soon see why……people would reconfigure my last name and call me “two-ass”. So mean!

11. I get really crazy when I am home with my parents. I run around the house, make funny noises, stand behind my mom while she’s doing dishes while holding her arms and controlling her movement. She’s really short, too, which makes it way fun. I can throw my leg over her shoulder to make her stay put. I’m not kidding. Granted, I have to do a series of stretching prior. But still. It’s fun.

11 answers to Sara’s questions

1. On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you love cheese?

A billionty. Except about 70% of the time, my stomach doesn’t like it. In that case, 0%.

2. If you could life anywhere else in the world where would it be?

Australia. And I don’t know why. Perhaps because I hate snow.

3. Who is your favourite band/musician?

Hmmm, I don’t really have a favorite. But I can tell you what concerts I have been to: Nsync (2x), Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Britney Spears, KOL (3x)

4. How do you feel about snow?

Oops, I prematurely answered. I HATE IT. HATE. HATE. DO NOT LIKE. (Hate is a strong word. Seriously dislike)

5. What percentage of your day do you spend blogging/thinking about blogging?

This somewhat requires math. And I do enough of that with my homework. So, I’ll ballpark it and say 5% blogging/50% thinking about blogging.

6. What was your favorite childhood tv show?<—had to take the u out of the word favorite, because I’m amurrrrican.

I Love Lucy.

7. If you could have a big dog and a little dog, what would their names be, and which one would be the alpha dog?

Not counting my current dog, I would get a Burnese Mountain Dog and name him Gus. I hate little dogs, so I’ll say the other would be a Basset Hound named Bobby.

8. Do you love what you are doing for work, would you trade it for something else?

Haha, well I don’t work right now. But I am excited to see what I end up doing what I get my PR card! In the states, I worked in finance (worst job EVER) and taught group fitness. I would LOVE to continue personal training and instructing, but I think with my upcoming degree, I’d like to go back into the corporate environment to make some serious $$$.

9. Which member of the beatles is your favourite?

Ringo, because I like to say Ringo.

10. Do you prefer sweet, salty or sour?


11. If you could change the colour of the sky, what colour would you make it?<—again, dropped the u in color


Now I gotta nominate 11 people! (They’re either smaller bloggers or new-to-me bloggers!)

  1. Β Chelsea from thedancingrunner
  2. Kori from incandescently lovely
  3. Helene from healthyfrenchie
  4. Athena from Fitness & Feta
  5. Alison from Life and time of Alison and Justin
  6. Erin from A Girl and her Mutt
  7. Abby from Back At Square Zero
  8. Alicia from The Wannabe Foodie
  9. Allison from Life’s A Bowl
  10. Heidi from run.around.aroo
  11. Lynne from lgsmash

11 questions for you guys

1. What would be your ultimate last meal?

2. 2 of your biggest pet peeves?

3. 3 wishes you’d make if you were on Aladdin or something.

4. Which is your favorite season?

5. Favorite holiday? And a memory associated with that holiday!

6. What is a really cool craft that you either did recently, want to do, or pinned?

7. Disregarding pay or benefits, what would be your ultimate job?

8. What reality show would you be on?

9. Go-to meal to make?

10. Ever have a recurring dream? What was it?

11. Do you have a word that you always say? Or a phrase?

Yay, go!


9 thoughts on “Liebster Award :)

  1. I think the best part of this post is the pictures of you counting to four on your fingers. I wasn’t quite sure how you did that πŸ˜‰ Haha. How come you don’t do bathing suits?

  2. Haha okay, I’m obsessed with your blog. And you’re such a cool person! Living in all those (very cold) fun places! I’m green with envy. Not to mention I think it’s awesome you went to a ranch in Colorado. That sounds like something I would LOVE to try!

    Congrats on winning the award! That’s so awesome!

  3. Awe thank you. I am so excited to do this!! I love fries. Those are my weakness. I love how you act when you are at home!! You crack me up!!

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