Badda bing, badda boom


One hour of a super sweaty at-home kickboxing session. SCORE! I did the first half of CD 1 from CBC‘s Jam’n Cardio Kix, then a bunch of my fave advanced routines (you CBC ladies probably know exactly which ones I did). I only stopped because my floor was too sweaty to keep going. Perhaps round 2 later? Or maybe some muscle stuff..
I AM wearing my super awesome-y shoes that always pump up my workouts

Go me!
Tina Fey high fives herself
Layla is back to normal. Stretched out on the bed, her drooling subsided.

Thank god. I was this close to rubberbanding sponges to my feet and follow her around. That would’ve been quite the sight.

And now it’s storytime. First, a picture of my non-wrinkled, non-botoxed forehead:

You’ll see why I posted that pic in the story (Sidenote: I hateeee that stupid little freckle in the middle of my forehead. At least it keeps me symmetrical.)

SO, back to the story. In elementary school, we had a teacher, Mrs. Mazur, who taught math and spanish for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. She had this reward system where she would award tickets (like raffle tickets) for those who did well on tests, performed their dialogues correctly, or who were well-behaved. The students could then use their tickets to buy things from her closet. She has candy, school supplies and cheapy little toys. Usually an A on a test would be 4 tickets, a correct answer to a question would be 1 ticket, etc. Me, being the weird student that I was (still am), I decided to save all my tickets throughout the three years then redeem my billions of them upon 8th grade graduation. I had saved over 300 tickets by the end of 7th grade (turns out she left before 8th grade for me to redeem, but I digress) Anyhoo, I decided to really WOW her in math class by going up to her and telling her I could make pi. Confused, she asked why I would tell her that I could make pie. Was it apple? Pumpkin? A-HA! I revealed my super fancy trick that got me EIGHT tickets. EIGHT. Behold the glory that is PI:

This story has been brought to you on behalf of Pi Day (3.14). I decided to forego an actual pie story/recipe. I’m a nerd. WOWZA.

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