This is just going to be one huge cluster fudge of life-things. I feel my lack of socializing (minus small talk with folks at the dog park) has caused me to bottle up quite a few things-not in a bad way, but hot damn do I need to just chat to beings other than my dogs. And Tyler. Not that I don’t love chatting with him, but I’ve now got him choosing my weekly nail polish. I mean…really? Crazy times.

First off, I wanted to share a quick and sweaty AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout I threw together last night and busted through this morning. Consider it this week’s Monday Moves post! Best part is that no equipment is necessary! Ok, maybe a stopwatch.



Last night while Tyler was a football practice, I searched YouTube for a cardio workout to follow. I found a 40 minute Kickboxing video that was pretty decent- yet it cut off with three minutes remaining! So I made up the rest, fell to the floor, and did some abs.

On Sunday, we cleaned the house. By ‘house’ I mean the living room, dining room, hallways, bathrooms and master bedroom. Not even the kitchen or the basement or the guest bedrooms. We managed to go through 2 ENTIRE rolls of paper towels, and a whole dispenser of clorox wipes. I suppose I should mention that I managed to knock over one of the surround sound speakers (and broke it) and knocked over a BRAND NEW full container of laundry detergent…Costco size. So technically, I guess we did clean the basement floor.

We bought our wedding bands this weekend as well. It was easy to pick mine- since it was the matching band with my engagement ring. It took Tyler 5 minutes to pick his.. boys and their jewelry. 5 minutes to pick out something he will wear for the rest of his life?! Craziness.

My puppies are so spoiled. Not only do they take advantage of me and get up about 35209 times a night for pets and kisses and potty breaks and food, but they also get to relax on the leather couches, rather than their little beddies.





Mozz is usually the cheese of choice for pizzas, but guys, I made one this weekend with 1/2 mozz and 1/2 gouda and DANG. That’s all I have to say.



I’m entirely too excited to see this movie:

Don’t Drink and Internet. I can EASILY list a crap-ton of things I’ve internetted while drunk, and it’s pretty scary. However, the best drunk internet thing I did was to randomly book a trip to Calgary for the Stampede where I ended up meeting the man of my life. Bad internet decisions include:, liking random peoples facebook statuses, and well…i’ll stop there.

I need to make these. Ok, I don’t NEED to, but I want to. Only problem is that we hardly ever have bread laying around the house. The only time I ever buy it is for dinner sandwiches and I buy the super small loaves that leave only the ends (which the dogs get).

I want to make these too.

Does anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares? I catch it once in a while, but missed what is probably the most epic episode over. Check out these crazies!

I NEEEEEEED this necklace

Imagecrappy small pic, I know. But BaubleBar is my new favorite jewlery site and I can’t wait to start working so I can buy just about everything they have.

And that’s all for now. I sitting on the floor typing this up, and my feet/legs have officially fallen asleep. Time for a quick yoga session then off to the gym for some cardio!

Stuff on the Internets

More things I came across that I found worth sharing:

1. Lower fat chocolate made with fruit juice. Hmmm. No, I think I’ll stick to the regular stuff, thanks. I always see ads for chocolates that are lower in fat or sweets that are “under 100 calories” but I NEVER get them. Mostly because that means the product is pumped with way more artificial stuff which is actually bad for you in the long run. Fruit juice? A good idea, but I like my chocolate tasting like chocolate and chocolate chocolate chocolate. The end. Chocolate.

2. I have had a thing of heavy cream in my fridge for a bit (insert quick trip to the fridge to check its expiration) Just kidding, I had to throw it out. But do you ever find you have a bit of heavy cream leftover when you only need a teensy bit of it for a recipe? Well these cranberry and walnut scones can help you out with that. Scones are great because they are dense and filling and you can pretty much toss whatever combo of add-ins into the recipe. Cranberries are fantastic for scones- my mom ALWAYS makes them. And I ALWAYS eat (all of) them.

3. Ok, so I have to admit I bookmarked this one a few days ago, but never read it until just now when I meant to include it in this post. And OMG HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahAHHAHAHAHAHAHahahahHAHAHA I am laughing so hard from it that I am mad for depriving myself the last few days of knowing about how hilarious it is. YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE AND YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE SONG INCLUDED TOWARDS THE END. OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. Hey, you probably want to know what the article is about, right? A ladies’ guide to a one night stand. And I’ll tell you what, this would have been useful knowledge to have pre-Tyler. Most likely college. AHAHAHHAHA yes. Just yes.

4. Chocolate chip cookie bars stuffed with peanut butter. Why have I not thought of this? Oh wait, I did stuff them with Nutella once. But that was only once because I found Nutella straight out of the jar to be much easier and just as delicious. 

5. I really want to make this jewelry board. Then I got to thinking: I have like no jewelry. So, I have change my order of priorities to 1.) get jewelry, then 2.) make jewelry board.

6. This is another one of those talking dog videos. Made me laugh/feel good to watch. Especially while I am on the phone with the bank and the registry office to coordinate things. Like, let’s talk about how the registry told me I need proof of residency, among other things, to get an Alberta license (i.e. a bank statement) and the bank tells me I need 2 picture IDs (i.e. an Alberta license) to open an account. See how that works there? Both sides are telling me I need the others. Aka: that doesn’t work. It also means that they’re uneducated on the process because I guarantee when I go to said bank/registry office, I will be able to get both. Right, so yeah…watch that talking dog video.

7. This article will clue you in on overexercising. Did you know that FAT GAIN is one of them? I honestly think that’s why I was 15+/- lbs heavier when I was living in Boston because I was taking/teaching so many group ex classes—even though I was eating healthy! Crazy thought.

Your Turn: What have you found of interest on the internet lately?

Stuffs on the Internets

Well, hello. I thought I’d put together a little post-y post on some stuffs I have seen on the internets as of late.


Easter is coming up and there are some things I’ve starred as an “I’D LOVE TO HAVE THESE ON EASTER. OR ANY DAY FOR THAT MATTER”

Peep-Infused Vodka. I told Tyler about this last night and he poo-poo’d the idea. I think it’s genius. However, I might just drink the vodka straight and he would end up holding my hair back for most of the night. Probably why he poo-poo’d it.

Super Moist Carrot Cake. And I’m going to refer to it by its full title: Super MOIST carrot cake. All the time. Just to bug people out. Because it’s MOIST.

Cadbury Egg Cookie Cake Bars. Ok, so you’ve probably already guessed that these have Cadbury Eggs in them. In my opinion, they need not be in a recipe since they are enough on their own…similar to that of a jar of Nutella. I say why waste your time by adding calories to something that is already fantastic? No, just grab a spoon and have at ‘er. But yeah, these actually look good enough to make.

other food recipes that aren’t Easter related…

Spiked Key Lime Limeade. You had me at Spiked.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bars. Ask Tyler if I should make these and he’d say NO. Especially if you ask him at 10pm when he is trying to sleep and I am asking him to make his best and loudest bear or moose or chicken sound. Then start singing-SLASH-dancing to the Mindy Project intro song. Don’t know it? Check it out:

Peanut Butter Cup S’mores Bars. Because YES, yes I should make these. And you should too. And they probably won’t come out looking as good as Tracey’s, but they will most definitely come out just as tasty.

Chicken Enchiladas. I have been meaning to make enchiladas for FOREVER because I love me some cheesy goodness. But, for me, the craving has been kicked since I ordered them from El Toro last week.


2,4,6,8,10 Workout. Changes up many of our usual routines of same # set/reps/etc.

The Squiggly Line Effect. This is more in the ‘health’ category, but I don’t want to make a ‘health’ category. After unintentionally, but gladly losing about 20 pounds at the end of 2012, I started to go into Maintenance mode so as to not lose weight. My workouts didn’t change, but I increased my food consumption because my body just craved it. And of course I gained weight. I was beating myself up over it because I wanted to fit into my wedding dress for July, but after reading this, I realized I’m just in the ebb and flows of weight loss/gain and I should be alright.

Red Light, Green Light Workout: Using Active Recoveries Yet another workout to change up your usual routine.

Anything catch your eye on the internet lately??

Pizza, Pushups, and Pink

Top of the mornin’ to ya, folks!

It is finally the end of the week (let’s all pause to do a collective ‘phewwww’).

I have no workout for you today (but if you want one, check out my Workouts page!!!) partly because my body is dead. More specifically, my right hamstring. I don’t think I have ever pulled a hammy in my life until today. Cray-balls. But, I still want to get in some sort of activity since I plan on throwing back a few brewskies with T-t-t-tyler tonight.

Instead of a workout post, or a recipe (which I gave you last night) I thought I would provide a few bits of entertainment.

1. This video art is hilarious. I don’t know if it was better with the musical accompaniment, but I was laughing my little ass off.

2. Make this pizza this weekend. If you are like Jessica (and me) then you should make two and force your man to indulge as well. Hey man, I made you food. And it has meat in it. The other ingredients should be minor details for you and therefore you should eat it. Otherwise, there is a comfy looking couch over there that may become your new bed.

3. Ok, now I feel guilty. No workout post, but a pizza post?! That’s cruel. So, while your pizza is baking away, try this workout. It’s quick and easy. And you’ll sweat. And then be tempted to eat another piece of pizza..

We interrupt this post for some SUPER SAD news:

I hand washed my 2 new pink Lululemon pieces last night. And, well…

Actually, the bleeding was the least of my worries. The worst part was that the sweat from my workouts while wearing them STAINED. As in, my Wunder Unders permanently display swass and my tank shows awful back and ab sweat. I was torn apart last night. So much money spent on 2 pieces and both are ruined. You bet your bippy I emailed AND tweeted to Lululemon about my problems.

Enough of my ranting..I have an episode of What Not to Wear to watch.


Latest Link Love

Hey hey hey! Here are some links I’ve starred in my Google Reader over the past week. Hope you like!

1. More new Lululemon stuff that I covet.

2. When the sun is out and you ask yourself “hmm, what should I do?” and you also say to yourself “wow, I’m thirsty,” make yourself a batch of these. And then make another. I bet it’ll put a smile on your face.

3. Need a Father’s Day gift idea? Try making this. Then, try not to keep it for yourself.

4. I saw the link for this clip and thought it would be hilarious. Then, it started and I couldn’t understand what was supposed to be funny. Then, at second 16 I saw it. And “BAHAHAHA’d”

5. How did the internets get their paws on a picture of my backyard? Oh wait, I wish.

6. Since I moved, I haven’t felt 100% confident with my body. Yeah, I got the strength and cardio stuff down, but I live with a dude now and I sometimes eat like a dude now. I mean pre-Tyler, I was a ONE hot dog a year kinda gal (Fenway Frank!!!) but now, I don’t even want to admit how many I have had since February. Woof. But, like Tyler reminds me, I work hard (harder than anyone he knows- so he says) and that I look great and that I need to get used to the fact that I’m hot (no, I did not force him to say that). But you know, I’m a girl, and I had issues with my diet and appearance growing up, yadda yadda yadda. Skinnyrunner’s recap on how to get over a fat day really helped. And I starred it. And I have re-read it every day. And it makes me feel better. No, it makes me feel A LOT better.

7. And then, this post happened. And I felt even better. I need to look at all the positives in my life, rather than focus on all the difficulties (now that my PR app is in the mail, it’s out of my hands and I have officially reduced stress by 75%)

8. For those of you who focus on faith, this post is for you. It doesn’t directly speak to me, but it helped me see how others are in the same mental/physical/emotional boat as me, and how they deal with those thoughts and feelings with their faith. Maybe it’ll help you!

9. Go here to find out your workout personality. Here’s mine:

(June 21–July 22)
You can be athletic, but you hate the crowds of people at the gym.
Watch out for: Intimidating workouts. Your psyche prefers a low-key approach.
The stars say: Keep it noncompetitive. Try solo runs or strolls in the park with your pooch.

10. Do you ever run out of ideas on how to vary your workout? I find myself scratching my forehead at the gym every once in a while when I just don’t know what to do. Well, you’re in luck: here are 30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine!



Ok, guys. What are you loving this week? Favorite warm weather snack? Activity?