Winesday Wednesday: 4/24

YES!! I finally Winesday Wednesday again! I had yet another interview today so wine is definitely needed this evening. I stopped by the liquor store on my way home and picked up a new-to-me red that I’m thinking I’m gonna really like. But, there’s loads more to share from what some of you have submitted.


PLUS–this week I am adding some other stuff to spice up this weekly post! Wine not. hahah

So here’s what we’ve got for submissions this week:

Kristin @kcorey320 (instagram) sent in a yummy cocktail, saying: “My dad’s famous Mai Tai ‘The Real Tom Collins’ sent all the way from Boston! Enjoyed it with some homemade guac and multigrain chips!!”

-I’ve had several of his famous mai tais and yes, they’re DELICIOUS.



Katie @kepotts (Instagram) posted this photo last night, saying “Had to bust out the #BigGuns after the day I had! Reporting for #winesdaywednesday”

-Hope it helped, Katie! (it would for me!!!)



Chelsea @RunnerGirlChels (twitter) hit me up with a nice Malbec pic, saying it was perfect for a bold red!



Athena @fitnessandfeta (Instagram) posted a beer pic! Her beer of choice for the weekend that went well with her pizza.

-Hefe Weizen is yum yum!



Ashley P posted a photo on Facebook of some celebration wine. (Personally, I always think there’s something to there should always be wine)



Keith sent in yet another one of his fabulous sounding wines. With this one, he wrote: “Normally I love me a nice red, but tonight we were in the mood for a white. This is about 6 months in the bottle. Very smooth and light, with a faint effervescence that dances on the tongue. There’s a bit of pear and apricot.”

-holy moly, that sounds delicious!



My mama found a BOX of wine. Now that’s what I’m talking about! hahaha

She said it was smooth, light and flavorful



She also sent me a pic of this AWESOME bottle/glass contraption that reads “if you pour it, they will come” I totally need one of these. Or like a dozen of these.



Lastly.. me! I had a nice glass of Seaglass Sauv Blanc! They just started carrying it at the liquor store nearby and it was a great surprise. Tyler and I discovered this wine when we were staying at a B&B in the Berkshires, and I had been on the hunt for it ever since.



Now for further drinking entertainment:




I sent this clip to Katie, and it’s really too good not to share with the rest of you:

click here for the clip

Before I sign off, I must include the link to a recipe I know I’M going to try super soon, and it might spark your fancy as well: Coconut Vanilla Bellinis. Do it. Then send me a pic.

That’s all for this week! If you want in for next week’s post, email me at jtougas77(at)gmail(dot)com, tweet me @nutcaseinpoint with hashtag #winesdaywednesday, post to my facebook page, or Instagram a pic and include the hashtag #winesdaywednesday and me, @nutcaseinpoint.


15 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday: 4/24

  1. Another successful #WinesdayWednesday, thanks for including my lil’ slice of heaven! So glad you mentioned the “Seaglass”, I always notice it & was never sure if it’s good, it’s going on the list!

  2. Love the yoga wine clip! Had to send it to my yoga instructor, who has been known to drink a glass or three. Maybe if I get cheeky next week I’ll ask her to demo the clip.

  3. Mmm lots of good drinks. I remembered to post a picture for next week.

    There is no way I could do wine yoga! I’d have to chug it back for fear of wasting any wine!

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