Monday Moves #4

This week, I have FOUR moves to share with you. As always, I am going to apologize in advance for the terrible pictures. I have Tyler take these on Sunday nights and I am anything but glamorous…especially on a Sunday….and especially on a Sunday after 7pm. But I do these to give you an idea as to how each exercise works (links to existing video demonstrations can get tedious and annoying!) I find it funyy that I am taking exercise photos while I am sporting a pub crawl t-shirt. Also, if anyone wants to come over and paint that back room, be my guest. Poop brown isn’t my favorite. Onto the exercises!

1. Singe Leg squat with hamstring extension


-You don’t HAVE to hold an object (i.e. weight or med ball or whatever) but I find it helps me concentrate on my balance.

-Keeping one foot planted, extend the other leg in front of you, as you lower your body into a squat. If you are a beginner at this, you might not go very low (but hey, it’s something to work on!) Just remember to not let the anchoring knee go beyond the toes. When squatting, I always remember what one of my high school volleyball coaches told us: “don’t poop in the canoe.” Basically, it was the funny way of telling us to get our butts back and low.

– As you come up from the squat, bend your extended knee (first picture)

– Oh, and try holding that position…if you dare. You have no idea how much my tush was screaming when I had to wait for the dang flash to go off on the camera.

2. Arnold Press


-Start with weights at shoulder height with palms facing your body.

-As you extend the weights overhead, rotate your wrists so that they will be facing away from your body and the top of the press.

-return to start.

3. Pass Through Lunge


-WARNING: I will probably suck at explaining this one.

– Start with feet together, holding object in front of you

-Staking a step back with your left leg (left reverse lunge), pass the object under your right leg (passing it from the inside to the outside of your body)

-Come up from the reverse lunge (without touching your foot down at the start position) and immediately raise your knee so that object can circle back around as you pass it going right to left)

– Continue this exercise in a fluid motion until you have reached your desired reps. By not touching your lunging leg back to the start position, you are working on your core and balance!

4. The “X” Plank


-WARNING: I will suck at explaining this one, too.

-Grab light to medium weights. Place weights on the outside of both hands when in a plank position.

-With your left hand, grab the left weight and move the weight across your body, placing it just under your right hip (Remember: try not to rotate your hips and torso when performing this exercise, as it tests your core strength!)

– Repeat with the right weight, bringing it under the left hip. Return hands to regular plank position.

-Retrieve weights, and bring them back to their starting positions.


Hopefully these all make sense, but as always- let me know if you have any questions!

I incorporated these into my workout last night, along with some stationary cardio and TRX training, and I was SWEATY.

Question: Any moves you have been LOVING lately?

9 thoughts on “Monday Moves #4

  1. Those Single Leg squats are no joke sister! I’ve been digging anything with a stability or Bosu lately. Today I did Bulgarian Split Squats off a ball & they were tough. Happy Monday!

  2. I love Arnold presses! Tough but good!

    I’m going to try the plank move. Looks tough but I find plank so boring so this will spice is up.

    And your shirt looks like a race shirt so you are all good!

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