Winesday Wednesday: 5/14

Happy Winesday Wednesday, everyone!


I hope you guys are having a good week so far (if not, drink more wine!) I am in the final stages of the interview process for a job, so I have been sitting at the edge of my seat just waiting to hear back. I’m going to jump right into this week’s submissions and butt in for anything random that pops into my head while doing so. (Did anyone else ever have to do that for English or Creative Writing classes? Just write any and everything that flows through your brain for a specific period of time? I did for a senior year elective- we were instructed to write in our composition books each day for five minutes on anything that came to our heads. Well, one day I was in a bad mood, so I basically wrote the F-word over and over again for the whole five minutes. And my professor was a monk- so that was awkward.)

Keith, who blogs at wrote in the following:

This Barolo was bottled in August 2008 so it’s coming up on 5 years. This is what 5 years of dust looks like. Dust and wine bottles go together. When it was only a couple years old it was very much an up in your face wine. There was a big bold taste that went with the spiciest of marinades. So today I paired it up with some barbecued Beef Tenderloin in a marinade with a bunch of Mama Africa spice. It went very well. The wine has mellowed a bit, being merely strong and assertive, with some of the ruffty tuffty corners knocked off. There’s a bit of black currants (which I hate) and other dark fruit (blackberries, plums, blueberries, prunes) here, and a hint of raspberry sweetness. This was a Mondial kit, meaning all juice. It takes these a long time to come into their own. If you can’t stand seeing a bit of sediment on the side, and don’t have the patience to wait years for it to ripen, don’t get this kit.



For Keith, that’s 5 years of dust collecting. For our house, that’s about 3 days worth of dust. No lie. We are planning a HUGE all over house cleaning this weekend and I expect to fill at least 2 garbage bags with dust, lint and dog hair. Gross.

Katie, who blogs at celebrated QUITTING HER JOB with some fine $3 wine! Methinks from her latest post that she is pursuing training? HOLLA ATCHA GIRL- that’s exactly what I aspire to do one day!



When I was younger, I ALWAYS wanted to have my own cinnamon bun shop. Now, I would kill to just train or do anything fitness-related. So my now-fantasy is having a cinnamon bun shop in the front and gym in the back. So I can fatten people up, then slim them down. Haha I am so clever. Or dumb.

Nicole, who blogs at had Sir Perry Pear Cider! I actually tried this about a month or so ago and it’s pretty tasty- especially when it’s ICE COLD.



Not that this has anything to do with pear cider, but I remember one of the first times i visited Canada I was passed a can of Palm Bay. I was all WTF is this. And they were all IT’S SO GOOD AND YOU’LL GET DRUNK! So of course, I chugged it. Should’ve read the can- it’s a VODKA COOLER…IN A CAN. I was in love love love with that stuff. Then I barfed a lot and haven’t had it since.

My best friend Kristin (I think I might be the only person left who still calls her Kysha?) made FANCY margaritas!



The recipe: 1 oz agave nectar, 2 oz tequila and fresh squeezed lime to taste.

Dang, I want one. Speaking of margaritas, I like them a lot. And so does Tyler. I mean…HELLO COSTCO TEQUILA:



Last weekend, we amped them up with raspberries (I called it my antioxidant beverage)



I am STILL on the hunt for super huge margarita glasses so we can throw an upside-down Corona in those suckers. 

Michael submitted another awesome beer for this week. He wrote: Long Strange tripel from Missouri. Arguably one of the best tripels NOT made in Belgium nor by monks. That makes me laugh, since the college I went to was run by monks. I’m not kidding. 



My friend Ashley sent me a pic from when she went to a BACON AND BEER festival. Um, I lived in Boston without knowing that existed? I’m ashamed. And jealous!


My mom drinks margaritas with a fake goose. Her name is Moddy.



That’s not random, either. When I was really young and living in Irvine, CA we used to go to the park that was right next to the library. The park had one of those big ponds with the ugly water feature in the middle and you couldn’t really picnic there because of all the ducks and geese and poop. But anyways, there were two immaculately white geese that my mom had named Helen and Moddy because they were asshole geese (we fed them anyways). My understanding is that my mom named them after two of her Aunts- so we can all guess how THOSE ladies must’ve been. So when my mom found these big clay geese somewhere a LONG time ago, she bought them and painted them and put them in the backyard and named them Helen and Moddy.

Gotta wrap it up for this week, I have to get ready for the Big Rock Brewery’s Brewmaster’s Dinner tonight!

8 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday: 5/14

  1. Favorite post of the week in the blog world! Loving all the fun beverages. And you’re one smart lady with the cinnamon bun & then a gym close by scenario! Solid business plan.

  2. I am looking forward to you blogging about your adventures stalking and capturing the wild and ferocious dust bunnies. You have to watch them, they are masters of treachery.

  3. Haha I laughed pretty hard at your dust bunnies comment. The dust accumulates so quickly at our house- I’ve given up trying to keep it clean. Maybe I should do that this weekend while it’s raining.

    Good luck with the job interview!! Hope it works out for you!

    Palm Bay- I actually like that stuff. Haven’t gotten sick from it yet and hopefully never will!

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