Story Time! (Lip Syncing)

Consider this more of a Friday night rant. It will be enjoyable. I hope. If not, see you next post!

Does anyone here watch Jimmy Fallon? I am in love with his show- I think he’s hilarious and comes up with some great skits and games that really make me look forward to each show- regardless of who the guests are! Anyways, did anyone watch the episode last week with John Krasinski? I’ll humor you with a clip from what John and Jimmy did…..LIP-SYNCING!!!!

Yes. I laughed a lot. To the point of tears because it was so hilarious. And it reminded me of my lip-syncing days. The elementary school I attended in Southern California was a private (Catholic) school that hand an annual lip-sync event. To the best of my memory, it was probably the most exciting thing that all the kids looked forward to each year. 

Here’s the kicker—they made us try out. And a lot of kids wouldn’t make the cut. Talk about a kick in the pants to a group of pre-schoolers whose parents really wanted to get video of their kids lip syncing the hokey pokey–and would never get the chance.

So here’s where my experience kicked in. I made it. ONLY ONCE. It was kindergarten and there was a big group of us that lip synced Splish Splash. I remember I wore a white and pink polka dot skirt and did the Twist for the entirety of the song. I really only have that on VHS so there’s no way in hell you guys can ever see that.

First grade: didn’t make it. We tried to do a song from the musical CATS

Third Grade: didn’t make it. I don’t remember the song, but it was something somewhat religious (our parents thought that would make us a shoe-in at a CATHOLIC school). And we had to wear jeans and I almost kicked my mother because I DID NOT want to wear jeans. 

Ah, and here is where I have a picture to share with you. Second Grade. Me and my two friends, Tess and Cassie, decided to do a Mary Kate & Ashley Song. Here’s what the song was:

Called ‘No One Tells The President.’ Aka: Clinton Administration.

Well that dates myself. Back to the time when the Michelle Tanners were making music videos. I was addicted to their jams. My other top fave was ‘Brother for Sale.’ Please tell me someone else knows these tunes.

We didn’t make it that year. Here is us looking pretty dejected after our try-out:



I’m in the red shorts. The ones that are pulled up higher than necessary (they were AYSO shorts from soccer. Again, anyone remember that?!) And I remember I helped my mom make the shirts. I am so DIY savvy.

I moved the summer after third grade to yet ANOTHER Catholic school- this time in Northern California. They didn’t have Lip-Sync Concerts, but they did have Wheel-a-thons and St. Francis of Assisi day where you could bring in your pets to get blessed.

If you like this story, please let me know because I have about a half billion others from my silly silly upbringing. Like these:

  • The time I made up a song about face wash at a Girl Scout camping trip
  • The time I had a halloween party at my house and we thought we’d be sneaky and play spin the bottle with a mustard bottle, but my dog stole the bottle and ended up trailing yellow throughout the house.
  • The time I wore a plaid shirt, khaki pants and Airwalk shoes to a school dance and no one would dance with me (ok, maybe that was about 2 or 3 times)
  • The time I used to pull my school sweater over my head during recess so that Julie and Erica would be my friends. They never did become my friends, but Julie gave me a Cayola crayon holder for my birthday one year.

I had a really awkward childhood. Which is great because now I can tell you ALL about it. Have a good weekend!

7 thoughts on “Story Time! (Lip Syncing)

  1. Brother for sale was my jam!!! I used to sing it to my brother on a daily basis. I was also obsessed with their movies. How’s this for embarrassing, I used to lie to people and say I went by Mary Kate (my middle name is Kathryn so it could work?) but no one ever picked up on it. Haha childhood..

  2. hahaha I obviously LOL’d through this entire post. My middle school also had a lip sync contest every year, but they didn’t make you try out. Looking back on that, it’s probably unfortunate because I got up in front of the entire school in 6th grade DRESSED LIKE A MAN to lip sync to “Itty Bitty Pretty One.” And we asked our MATH TEACHER to be in it with us, and she actually said yes. Talk about awkward and nerdy. In 8th grade they changed the lip sync to just an overall talent show, so I busted out some sick moves to a Jock Jams Volume 2 Megamix.

    I really wish we were friends growing up. The awkwardness would quadruple. BFF’s we woulda been, fo sho!

  3. OMG!!! That’s hilarious. My husband and I watch Jimmy Fallon. We would stay up late at night just to catch his show. And you had annual lip-sync event in your school? That’s cool! 🙂

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