Exercise and Eats: Week of 5/27

I suppose this post is just to keep record of my exercise and dinners for myself. Short and sweet (typing this as I’m watching the Universe’s worst show ever: The Bachelorette).

Last week’s eats:

Monday: It was our holiday here last Monday and we did NOTHING. Meaning, no cooking. I haven’t been too keep on Subway lately, but it was a quick, easy, somewhat healthy option that Tyler swung by and picked up on his way home from Football. No picture because, well….no picture.

Tuesday: Burgers


Wednesday: Chicken Salad with Cherries and Pecans


Thursday: Turkey Tacos with sauteed veggies


Friday: Homemade Pizza


On tap for this week:

  • Monday: Turkey Club Quesadillas
  • Tuesday: Teriyaki Bowls
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Marinara (I WILL find a spaghetti squash!)
  • Thursday: Cobb Salads or out to dinner
  • Friday: Whichever we don’t have Thursday

For exercise (crap, I should have typed this earlier because I sort of forget what I did)

Mon, 5/20: Cardio Kickboxing

5.27 workout

Tues, 5/21: AMRAP workout, 20 min run, 30 min at-home yoga

Wed, 5/22: 30 min run, 5 min spin (i think!)

Thurs, 5/23: Full-Body circuits, 20 min spin

5.27 workout2

Fri, 5/24: TRX/Stability Ball circuits, 40 min home cardio

5.27 workout3

Last week was technically the last week of this round of Best Body Bootcamp, but I wasn’t entirely feeling the last round of the workouts we were given. So, I improvised! BUT- I did sign up for the next Round of Best Body Bootcamp. If you’re interested, check out Tina’s site to see if it’s something you might like!



For this week:

Mon, 5/27: Circuit & Cardio Intervals (stay tuned in the next post for the complete workout!)

Tues, 5/28: Run, ab tabatas

Wed, 5/29: Upper Body workout, 30 min spin

Thurs, 5/30: Lower Body workout, 30 min run

Fri, 5/31: Full body workout, 10-10-10 cardio

Sat, 6/1: TBA

There ya have it. Favorite eats or workouts lately? I wanna know!

5 thoughts on “Exercise and Eats: Week of 5/27

  1. Mmmm, chicken salad, I need to hop on that party train for easy summer meals! Spinning Saturday morning was a fav from last week, the entire class we “climbed”…hello quads! Have a fab week!

  2. I should really not read your food posts before I eat lunch. I’m drooling on my key board! Chicken salad is an excellent way to eat up left over chicken. Going to give that a try!

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