A Lot A Lot

Not much from this end tonight. I’m super tired and can’t wait to stare at the back of my eyelids for a few hours.


Before I sign off for the evening, I thought I’d share the upper body workout I completed today. It’s really self-explanatory. For once!



Other random bits/thoughts/whatevers:

  • I bake a lot. Like, a lot a lot. The only thing that would deter me from continuing to do so is the amount of dirty dishes it always produces.
  • I had a ton of things in my shopping cart at Zulily last night, but then saw how much I was getting taxed and paying for customs, that I trashed the entire order. So sad.
  • I NEED to find a red lipstick that suits me. 
  • I’m looking for a hip hop fitness class in Calgary. Something tells me I probably won’t find one. 
  • Of the THREE people in the gym tonight, I will admit that we were all guilty of taking gym selfies.
  • I watched the What Does The Fox Say video more times in the last few weeks than I care to admit.


2 thoughts on “A Lot A Lot

  1. So my calendar for the month of October is a drawing of Foxes (random, yes) and every time I walk by it I have to sing the song in my head.

  2. I noticed you bake a lot! I would totally bake more if someone else would do the dishes! I usually try to do a few recipes at once so I only have one big load of dishes.

    I’ve only ever purchased from Zulily once for this reason. It makes me sad 😦 Good for my wallet though. I should trash more of my online orders!

    I’m sure Sephora or MAC could help you out with your lipstick quest. Or even the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers (except not the one downtown).

    No clue on a hip hop fitness class in Calgary. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. I prefer to not embarrass the crap out of myself in public!

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