Some more latests for you!

Nuts To You Nut Butters Organic Sunflower Seed Butter. I picked up a jar of this stuff at Community Naturals yesterday as a snack to keep handy at my desk. I ate some with an apple and it was over the moon delicious. Not quite sure if it tops my favorite Sunbutter from Trader Joe’s though (and yes, I know Sunbutter is available elsewhere, but I’m just professing my love and loyalty to good ol TJs).



I picked up this snazzy Belkin Easefit for iPod earlier this week, too. My last one had half the velcro come off that was totally past repair. And yes, I realized this problem right before leaving for a workout and attempted to have Tyler electrical-tape it to my arm so I could still have a good workout. Ended up swinging by a Future Shop and finding this bad boy on clearance..only $10! I’ve used it a few times already and really love it- it’s snug and soft on my arm. The end.




I also loaded it with my most recent music downloads (yes, I know not all these songs are brand new!!)


I just started reading The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote Eat, Pray, Love) So far it’s really good, but I’m not too far in it.



Tyler picked up a new flavor of Quest Bars…White Chocolate Raspberry! I had a bite of one tonight before heading to the gym and it tasted like dessert. This could be very dangerous. But then I remember if I eat too much of a Quest Bar I get all bloaty. You’re welcome for that extra bit of information.



A couple weeks back, I went with a friend to get our hair and makeup done (she won two tickets for the complimentary service and asked me to join her). The girl who did my hair used one of those wand things and I LOVED how it put some really awesome waves in my long-ass hair. I’ve been on the hunt for a wand ever since and managed to find one at Winners on the cheap- hopefully it’s not cheap in performance just because it was cheap in price! Oh wait, I just googled it and the original retail price for the Le Angelique Ultimate Curling Iron was $149…..and I paid $34.99! Sweet. 



With the cold weather so brutally seeping in, I managed to find a pair of Anne Klein sweater knit tights. My main concern before purchasing them was that they wouldn’t be long enough since my last tights purchase was an epic fail. Turns out they WERE long enough, only they didn’t have adequate elastic in the waist and would sag every time I walked a bit. Totally annoying when I try to get in about 2 miles of walking during my lunch break.



At the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Fest this past weekend, Oil & Vinegar had a booth that I managed to swing by. I only tried one of their samples and HOLY CRAP it was phenomenal. I tried their Fig Vinegar. As soon as I tasted it with a small piece of bread, I could immediately imagine sitting down with a nice loaf of crusty fresh baked bread and sopping up the goodness mixed with oil. Mmmm my mouth is watering now.



Last thing to quickly share are some of my latest favorite moves in the gym:

  • Kettlebell Jerks (link to video demo here)
  • Barbell Front Squat (link to video demo here)

That’s all from this end! Any latests you’ve discovered lately and want to share!?? I love knowing about new-to-me things!

6 thoughts on “Latests

  1. I need to buy some sunflower butter seed butter. Maybe I will get a chance to go to CNH this weekend.

    I keep debating if I should get a hair wand or not. For that price it might be worth trying!

    I picked up some of those True to Nature (or whatever they are called) bars that you recommended last week. They aren’t bad!

    Sweater tights would be perfect in the colder weather! I’ll have to keep my eye out for some. I have the same problem with tights falling down- it sucks! You could try sewing the waist band an inch or two to make it tighter. Or just find new tights…

  2. I love sunflower seed butter. I love any nut & seed butter, actually. I’ve been wondering what that new Quest flavour is like – I’m so on the fence with those bars. On one hand, I like that they’re ‘low carb’, but the ingredients are kinda weird.

  3. Does an iPhone fit in that armband? I really need to get one (instead of putting it in my bra!). I eat 1/2 of a Quest bar at a time… all that dang fiber definitely makes for a sexy bloated tummy.

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