Winesday Wednesday 10/30

Happy Winesday Wednesday Everyone! While I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t really had any wine lately, I plan to indulge soon! But WW isn’t just about the grapes, it’s about the entire spectrum of boozy goodness. And I always have something to post 😉



Lately I have been craving a good red, but I just haven’t got my heart set on a certain flavor. I want something light that will be a nice glass to sip. What I DON’T really want is the deeper wine that you accompany with food. Any suggestions (looking in the $10-$25 range)? Until then, I am sticking with my fall beers and ciders. 

PS: I have been craving a Crispin or an Angry Orchard LIKE CRAZY! I have yet to find a good comparison here. #sadpanda

Alright, now on to YOUR submissions for the week!

@redjam428 posted this photo on instagram:



Heck yes! Nothing like a beer at the Garden! I Miss going to Boston sports games (or bars!)

HOLY CRAP. Mary tweeted a bloody mary that I could absolutely DIE for!!! There is nothing like a spicy bloody mary with lotsa fixins in it— especially when one of said ‘fixins’ is BACON.



And Monique tweeted another of my faves that I haven’t had in a while (let alone a GOOD batch in a while!) 



Come to think of it, the last GOOD sangria I had was the Apple Cider Sangria I made for Thanksgiving last year. It’s especially good with some local cider. Mmm, now I’m getting excited for American Thanksgiving! Well speak of the devil, Athena enjoyed something similar……


She wrote: “Here is the white wine apple cider sangria I drank this weekend while away in Portsmouth NH. Perfect for fall!”

Mmm I totally agree. Looky here, Ashley just got to enjoy one on a nice crisp fall evening! I am so jealous.


Last (for this week) is what Keith sent in. And boy does it leave me curious to taste something similar..

Here is the natural state of a wine bottle. Empty of course. This is an Italian Amarone made from a Mondial kit, and was bottled December 2008. Lots of juice and this one had raisins in it as well. This makes for a “heavier” wine, and even after letting things settle in the carboy, there is still usually a bit of a film and some sediment in the bottle. What this tells me is that I’m drinking a natural product, a real one. One that isn’t quality controlled to within a chemically laden inch of it’s life. I suppose commercial wines aren’t that bad, but I sure don’t drink many of them. I like a bit of imperfection in life. You can see a bit of the film around the bottom of the cork and the bottom of the bottle. This one will go into my bleach box to deal with some rainy or snowy day. Amarone is sometimes called “The little sweet one”. It took a while to mature, and it’s just lovely now. In a natural sort of way.


Reminds me that we need to make another batch of wine ASAP.

All I have to share with you from this end is a couple of beers. Friday night, I went out with my friend Nicole. We chose to meet after work at Beer Revolution. The beer menu is pretty interesting in that they serve whatever’s tapped. Once it’s out, they move on to the next. (That sounds like they only have one beer at a time, but trust me, they do not! There are SO many)


We then walked to Craft, where I could indulge in yet another of my favorite Pyramid Apricot Ale. And ended the night at National, another craft beer house.

Onto the random…

If I had a large barrel and an endless supply of grapes. And if said items were portable, I would totally be Lucy from the grape stomping episode of I Love Lucy



And if it weren’t illegal..or expensive..I’d give out these snazzy halloween wines to trick or treaters. 



Sweet pumpkin, bro (<—haha I linked the source of the below photo here. You’ll laugh at what the article’s actually for if you click on it!)



Hope you all have a fantastic Winesday Wednesday! And don’t forget to send me anything you want to include in next week’s post!


6 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 10/30

  1. this was a fun Winesday Wednesday post! Lots of fun entries. As far as red wines that aren’t heavy for food… hmmm I love J Lohr (duh), but that can be a bit heavier. I had a Coppola (not sure how to spell it) which was also delicious.

  2. this was a super fun Winesday Wednesday post! Lots of fun entries. I always like J Lohr wines, but they can be heavy. I had a Coppola (sp??) last weekend that was also delicious. Mark West Pinot Noir is almost too easy to sip it’s so light. Hope you find something! THis weather makes me want to sit around and sip red wine, too!

  3. I’m pretty bummed that I won’t be able to have any Angry Orchard when I’m in Phoenix next month 😦 It just won’t be the same without some booze.

    For reds I like pinot noirs- they are light enough that you can sip them and aren’t too full bodied. I can’t think of any to suggest though since it’s been so long since I drank red wine:(

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