Workout Wrap Up

Oh Hello there. It’s Monday which means despite all the lovely things that may be in my life- I slightly hate the day. Mostly because it forces me to put pants on and go to work after 48 hours of pajama-wearing and lounging. (meeeep- typed most of this post this morning, but am just now sitting down to finish up. So, Monday isn’t that bad now that it’s practically over!)

If I were to focus this post solely on what I did over the weekend, there would be absolutely no content. Unless you’re interested in my cleaning the house and watching tv. I did workout though! And with that, I though maybe- since most people are looking to improve their health/fitness with the coming of the new year- I would share my latest workouts. I used to share my weekly workouts all the time, but recently fell out of it because I was forgetting what I was doing. (Um, hello I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday! Oh right, Nutella and trail mix. Oof). I might bring it back on a more regular basis, who knows.

Sunday: 5-4-3-2-1 run intervals with 20 wall balls between each interval (increasing speed w/each interval as well.)

1.6 workout

Monday: Pyramid Run (1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1), abs

Tuesday: Athena’s Bosu and Row workout (except I did stationary cardio and ran the stairs since I did this workout at home)

Wednesday: Traditional Hot Yoga at my favorite place

Thursday: 20 min speed work, Tina Reale’s Upper Body Blast . PS: I was the first person to use the new gym in my office building! There are some obvious kinks they need to work out though. All in all, I’m pretty much in love with it.



Don’t mind me and my creepy face. Just look at that beaut of a new facility!

Friday: Off

Saturday: Tina Reale’s 25×25 Lower Body Burner + 4 cardio/lower body Tabatas

I’m pretty pleased with the workouts overall because they were diverse. I could have done a little extra cardio though to get my heart rate up. And to justify some extra drinks/eats had throughout the week. (Not dissing myself here, I’m happy I made time each day to be active!)

***Reminder: I’ll be picking the winner of the Kinnikinnick giveaway TOMORROW (Tues, Jan 7)

****Reminder #2: My half birthday is TOMORROW. So I’ll be Old 1/2.

2 thoughts on “Workout Wrap Up

  1. You have been loving wall balls lately! I’m glad, because now I’m starting to do them too. That countdown interval workout looks awesome. Thanks for recapping your week in fitness – I always love seeing what you’re up to! Hope you liked the bosu workout from me. 🙂

  2. you did have a very diverse week of workouts- that’s awesome! I need more of that. We did wall balls at a class I went to when I was home in maine and i was obsessed with them! i just wish my gyms had cement walls to do them on haha

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