Winesday Wednesday 6/3/15


YASSSS WINE. And all the alcohols.

Seriously, if I wasn’t breastfeeding, I would be doing some serious indulging. You know, to make up for lost time.

But turns out, I love my baby WAY MORE than I love my wine. So that’s good.

Just wanted to check in real quick to A) Let you know that Winesday Wednesday is back, so puh-leeeease send me all your boozy photos. Or tag me in them on social media so I can see them and drool over them (while a baby drools all over me. for different reasons) and B) to share with you my latest fave.

photo 1-56

Spirit Hills Honey WineryΒ YeeHaa! Sangria. So basically, it’s sangria made with mead. And it’s SOOOO good. Sweet like sangria, with a smooth honey finish. Mmmm, I could sip on this all day errr-day. I actually bought a bottle of their dandelion wine in August before I found out I was pregnant. Which reminds me, I think it’s still on the wine rack. Must go downstairs and check. Then promptly consume. I will let you know how that goes.

Anyways, so yeah this sangria is and what’s even better is that it’s local to Alberta! I love supporting local and I love supporting local alcohol producers even more. I’m hoping Tyler and I can make it down to their winery sometime soon to check everything out since it’s about an hour south of Calgary.

Speaking of summer drinking (were we speaking of summer drinking? I dunno, but that’s how I’m going to segway into my next drink): Stanley Park Sunsetter Peach Summer Ale.


To my Canadian friends- go buy it. It’s delicious. Even for those of you who aren’t beer people. It’s sweet enough that it’s not beer-y, but not too sweet to detract from the beer. You follow me? Good. Let me know what you think.

K yeah, I need the rain to stop now so that I can go sit on the patio and drink both of these.

To round out this week’s comeback post, I got the following from Michael via instagram:


He said: It’s a chocolate and coffee stout from Michigan aged in oak bourbon barrels for over a year. VERY RARE and VERY GOOD. Chocolate-y and vanilla-y and bourbon-y- just incredible.

Michael, first of all- you had me at chocolate and coffee. Second of all, now that I am also a parent, I can appreciate the toys in the background. πŸ˜‰

So that’s it for this week! Please tag me in your beer/wine/cocktail photos so that I can share next week!

11 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 6/3/15

  1. ohh yay! so happy this is back up and running- I think I have plenty of wine photos from Italy that I’ll post over the next week. I haven’t had nearly enough sangria yet this summer, BUT I did have lots of Aperol Spritz’s while in Italy which were delicious!

  2. Ok I need to go find that peach beer. I love beer and fruity beer and local beer. Beer.

    Right now I’m loving the Stiegl Radler. It’s a grapefruit ale that is SO refreshing on a hot day and doesn’t taste very beer-y either.

  3. I am counting down the days and hours until I can have my first sip of wine or beer or anything alcoholic. 2 more months. Just 2 more months.

    And how the heck did I not know about that Stanley Park new brew? I live in Vancouver and my condo looks out at the real Stanley Park and I didn’t know about this beer? That’s what happens during pregnancy I guess. Avoid all the advertisements and liquor stores. Definitely going to be stocking up on some of this for when I can drink again!

  4. Have a glass of really dark beer (like guinness) an hour before breastfeeding and it will help increase your supply and therefore, you won’t feel guilty or left out! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, this was my paediatrician’s advice for my low supply at the beginning!

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