Wesley Arlo- 4 months

Already? And yet, I feel like I’ve known him forever. Crazy.


I apparently did a crap job of makeshift weighing him at home last month, because both his 4 month doctor appt and 4 month shot appointment confirmed he weighs 17lb 12oz. He’s about 25 inches tall and has a LARGE head. We have him in size 3 diapers and most clothes are 6 months (sleepers are 6-9 mo, depending on the brand).


He pretty much doesn’t nap during the day. If he does, it’s while we’re in the car, or about 30 minutes after feeding on my lap. I’ve tried to get him used to his afternoon nap in his crib which is slowly getting better and better- he calmed down in about 10-15 minutes and will sleep anywhere from 15 min-1 hr. Bed time is 9:30 and he loves to have his milk from a bottle before going to sleep.

If he only has a few of these short naps, he gets pretty cranky in the late afternoon and our evenings are spent doing “Wes Management’. Although, I think that’s synonymous with a little thing called ‘parenting’. Throw in a beer here and there and it’s pretty doable.

He sleeps through the night until 7:45-9am and has put himself back to sleep on a number of occasions. <–GOOD KID.

He is super drooly and sucks on either three of his fingers at a time or his thumb. He loves going for his thumb in the tub because it’s wet and makes a loud suction noise. And yup, he still loved his baths. He will stare at himself in the mirror or splash like crazy the entire time and doesn’t get upset when we go for his face or ears.


He has DEFINITELY found his voice and is getting his floor exercise in on the regular. Lots of screams and shouts and giggles and jumping jacks while he’s on his mat.

Wes has also started to grab for things, put said things in his mouth and rotate his head to constantly look at what’s all around him.

His eyes are turning brown! Yay!


One of my favorite things about him from this month is his eating technique. He either looks like he’s telling my boob a secret or that he ‘literally can’t even’. (aka: hand on top of his head as if eating is actual WORK)

The boy NEEDS to move at all times. I think I’ve probably spoiled him because I hold him all the dang time and he screams bloody murder when he’s first put on his mat or in any of his seats. Except he loves being on his changing table and often gets pretty talkative and kicky.


I’ve bought him a few more toys which he loves. But then again, handing him a blanket or a burp cloth seems to be equally exciting.

His is now officially a dual citizen! It’s really not that much paperwork, but I’m glad that it’s all done and we won’t have to update either passport for the next 5 years.

We’ve been working on tummy time and he’s now more comfortable being on his belly, but that noggin is still a bit too big for him to hold up for any extended period of time. He rolls from his back to his side a lot and props his legs up on the arms of the playmat, so I’m assuming we’ll see some flipping soon.


We’ve taken him out for a few nights and he is wonderful- always pleasant to be around and pretty content for the most part. It’s probably due to the fresh air and different scenery. (I get it, the living room is getting pretty BORING to sit in all the time. Although, the thought of going back to work in April makes me want to vomit.)

All in all, it’s been super fun this month to see him start to develop some motor skills and a bit of a personality. Which reminds me, my fart noises have rubbed off on him and that’s the only sound he made for a good 2 days straight. Also, real farts. THE SMELL!


Wesley Arlo- 1 month

Wesley Arlo- 2 months

Wesley Arlo- 3 months

Winesday Wednesday 8/12/15

Happy WW folks!


Quick little check-in here. My mom is in town and I’m enjoying hanging out with her and Wes (and Tyler!)

I’m still on a cider kick, and Tyler brought home a can of Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale (I will call it a cider, but it’s actually a malt beverage) From the website: Crazy Beard is actually a malt beverage, made from malted barley specifically. The natural apple flavour is, of course similar to many ciders, but less sweet. Crazy Beard was crafted to have the initial aroma and taste of a cider but the finish of an easy drinking beer using the power of hop extracts. We say, it “Cuts like a cider and lands like a beer.”

beer can isolated on a white background; Shutterstock ID 110513867

beer can isolated on a white background; Shutterstock ID 110513867

The aroma of this beverage is ON POINT. It seriously smells amazing and I think that was a huge contributing factor in its ease of consumption. Well that and it tasted pretty awesome- way better than how you normally think a malt beverage tastes. It doesn’t leave that hairy feeling on your teeth and has a real smooth finish.

Crap, my mouth is totally watering for one now.

If you see these on the shelves of your local liquor store, I definitely recommend you give it a try!

PS: Sorry for the really short post!

PPS: What are YOU drinking lately?!!

Weekend Recap

This is going to be SUPER boring.

Friday: Took Wes for a REALLY long walk in the morning before it got too hot out. Ended up going about 5 miles and wound up just hanging around the house for the rest of the afternoon. Pizza for dinner and an episode of True Detective before I fell asleep.




Saturday: Family trip to Costco the went over to a friends house for the evening.



Sunday: Went to Tyler’s football game. It was HOT and BUGGY and it was in the middle of an industrial park so it was not stroller/walk friendly. Epic chicken kebabs for dinner and a butt-ton of laundry.

I have really sucked at taking any photos that do not include Wes. Must get on that.

I am tired.

I am sore.

The end.

Winesday Wednesday 8/5/15

Happy Winesday Wednesday friends!


I don’t know why, but I just haven’t been feeling the booze lately. I’ll have a craving for a margarita or a beer, but only really enjoy the first few sips. Can I blame motherhood? Maybe I’ll be more inclined once I’m done breastfeeding.

Although I didn’t get into it this past week, I still have a new beer to share with you! Tyler picked up a six pack of Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale to try. From the website: A light summer ale “dry hopped” with organic cucumbers in the fermentor, and again in the conditioning vessel. Bready malt along with citrusy and earth hops in the background supports the refreshing cucumber nose and palate. Belgian yeast rounds out the profile with a hint of apricot and black pepper, while high carbonation and medium-light body add a thirst-quenching finish.


I took a sip and all I could think was that it tasted like a bucket of weeds. I don’t think I could have more than one of these…if that. The cucumber taste was pretty strong (not sure about the apricot or pepper as noted above). It was interesting to try, but I don’t think we’ll be purchasing it again. There’s still some in the fridge if anyone’s interested.

Since I’m pretty lame with this week’s post, here’s some booze-related articles for your reading pleasure:

How to Get Past the College Phase and Drink Alcohol Like an Adult– good pointers on what beverage to choose depending on the occasion.

Would You Drink Beer Brewed with Boiled Lobsters?– My answer: NOPE. Wouldn’t even eat lobster.

Dope AF 110-Year Old Woman Say Champagne of Beers Is Key to Longevity– Yup. Gotta start doing that. Except maybe with hard cider?

12 Clever Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles– so your neighbors don’t think you’re always throwing wine parties based on your recycle bin 😉

Champagne 101– WHOA. So much info. Too bad I’ll drink whatever bubbly…whenever!

PS: Shannon Beador is my favorite cast member on RHOC. The episode for the below gif hasn’t even aired yet and I already love it.


What are you drinking this week?

Weekend Recap

I love love love long weekends. The extra day off (ok, well only off for Tyler) allows us to get way more done around the house AND have a little bit of relax-time!

Friday: I took Wes to Crossroads Market. I had never been to this farmer’s market before and was excited to see what they had to offer and how they compared to the others in Calgary. PLUS, Tyler messaged me saying he saw an ad in the paper that Taber corn was back! Yum..local corn= THE BEST. I ended up getting a bunch of corn, chocolate chip cookie dough fudge, BC peaches and some bison burger patties.

Tyler made steak for dinner and all was well with the world.


Saturday: We headed down to Inglewood for Sunfest. It was awesome weather and I was really excited for the three of us to get out of the house together, but the fest was the same as every other one we’ve been to before so we only did a quick lap and left. We attempted to have lunch at one of the restaurants, but they had no more shaded seating.


We opted to head to Craft for lunch. We were practically the only people in there which was for the better since Wes decided to be a bit vocal. I’m guessing if the place was full no one would have noticed, but we were able to grab lunch and a beer and get out of there in under an hour.

IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6916

The sun and the afternoon beer knocked us both out, so Tyler and I took turns taking naps when we got home. I also managed to do my workout before we settled down to watch a couple episodes of True Detectives.

Sunday: Tyler had daddy duty while I headed out to Canmore with Susie to hike Ha Ling. Funny story: we did this hike in August of last year and I was a few weeks pregnant and had no idea! Explains the fatigue. This time, it was MUCH easier to climb. I think it’s about 2.5 miles and 2,500 ft climb? Something like that. Beautiful view at the top.

IMG_6924 IMG_6926 IMG_6928

As we got towards the top- there’s a portion of scrambling and you can see and hear people having difficulty with their footing since it can get a bit tricky. The really brave will shuffle their way down (not my cup of tea since my center of gravity is pretty high). A few passed us as we were still climbing and one girl was gaining so much speed she lost control and totally face planted right in front of us. She was covered in dust and had scrapes all over her arms and legs and we quickly went to help her up. The excitement/fear of the fall caused her to freak out and she was convinced she broke both ankles, but we tried to calm her down and eventually her friend caught up and assured her she was fine. A) That was scary B) I tried to cheer her up by mentioning that her manicure still looked great.

When I got home, we had bison burgers for dinner and watched a few episodes of Ballers. (Anyone watching this? I love it!)



Monday: I made Tyler chocolate chip pancakes then handed him the baby so I could do my 21 day fix extreme workout for the day (1 of 2 since I didn’t do the designated workout on Sunday. Had to double up!) We did a ton of house-stuff, I took Wes for a long walk, did my second 21dfx workout, took the dogs for a long walk, then ate a fajita wrap. The end.


How was your weekend?