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Mondays are the best and the worst. On one hand, Tyler is back to work, on the other hand, it’s a nice little way to refresh in the just-me-and-Wes time and get my butt back in gear. (Actually, gear for what? I have no idea.) The morning started with a 5 am wakeup call from Mr. Wes- we both were back to sleep by 6am for another 90 minutes, so no biggie. After breakfast and a workout, Wes went down for a nap FOR TWO BLIPPIN HOURS. I was able to shower, dry my hair, and put makeup on. I think this helps support the ‘get back in gear’ comment referenced earlier. It felt SO good.


After a late lunch, we headed out to Walmart for a bunch of random things. I posted a photo on Instagram when we got back in the car- kid throws some MEAN shade. I like it. (follow me on Instagram please! @nutcaseinpoint)


I had a 5pm dentist appointment- just for a cleaning- but it looks like I really should have my wisdom teeth taken out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was avoiding that at all costs. I do NOT want to have them out. NO NO NO NO NO. Don’t tell me it won’t be that bad, I just don’t want to go through with it. UGH.

The second worst feeling of the day was having to ruin my freshly cleaned teeth by eating leftover pulled pork. Luckily, pork is on my top ten list of delicious meats, so it was worth it.


I painted my nails before heading to bed. Note: don’t paint your nails a dark color and get into bed right after. Unless you want to sleep with precariously placed hands all night. It can get awkward.


Another 5am wakeup. But, because I have the sweetest damn child, he went back to sleep shortly after and I was able to get in a couple more hours of shut eye. AND GUESS WHAT? I didn’t do my workout first thing in the morning. Audible gasp? Haha, no. No one cares. I decided to stretch it out and relax in the morning with my little dude.


When he did go down for his nap, I got in not only my workout but a shower, some cleaning, food prep, etc.

Later in the afternoon, we walked over to the library then continued on for a nice long walk. The temperature read pretty chilly, but with no wind and the sun shining it was pretty great! Wes took another nap because of all the fresh air.


Tyler made an AMAZING pizza for dinner and afterwards I took the dogs for another walk. In the 6 years I’ve had Layla, this was the BEST she’s walked for me. She stayed by my side the entire time. It wasn’t until we got back to our street did I notice a slight limp, so I’m wondering if that had anything to do with it. Hopefully it was just a random thing (the limp, not the good behavior).


Tyler had already put Wes down for the night by the time I got back so we watched the latest episode of Walking Dead before heading to bed.


Well, Wes didn’t wake us up early today. In fact, he slept almost 13 hours! But, we got the pleasure of a 5:45am wakeup call by Reggie when he decided to jump off the bed and dry heave. Lovely!

I’ll say the day officially started at 8am when I finally went in and got Wes.




I did my workout while he played. Tyler slept in because of the stat holiday. It was a pretty great (slow) morning all around! Once Wes went down for a nap, I made Tyler and I some adult morning beverages. Only problem is that it took me 5 hours to drink. Still good though!


The boy is on a seriously rolling roll this week. I blink, and he’s flipped his way across the floor! I love it. We all hung out downstairs for the afternoon- Tyler played his new video game and Wes and I read a ton of new library books. I managed to run upstairs for a bit to whip up a batch of the BEST banana bread. It really is my favorite recipe (screw the ‘healthified’ banana breads. They don’t even come close to the REAL good stuff)




 Wes took a long afternoon nap so Tyler and I just chilled out for a bit (yeah, there were about 2305972305927 things I could have done, but it was nice to just sit and do NOTHING).

For dinner, Tyler made Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken with zucchini and quinoa. The chicken was SO GOOD.



Afterwards, I bundled up *headlamp and all* and took the dogs for a walk. Day two of Layla being good on the leash! Crazy.



Kind of a boring (in a good way) day. Typical breakfast. Typical morning routine. Typical workout.

OH WAIT. Different breakfast! No picture, but I had a smoothie that consisted of vega chocolate nutritional shake, pb2, oats, frozen greek yogurt cubes and almond milk. YUMMMM this was really good and even got rid of the Vega chalky taste.

Wes had his morning nap was quickly woken up by our noisy neighbor. From what we gather, he doesn’t work so he’s always fidgeting around the house. This morning, I saw him on the roof of his shed, then SWORE he was on our roof (he did if before when we got our roof replace. I forgot why, but it was helpful for some reason).


Who is photobombing who?


Wes is obsessed with Reggie (to my dismay) but Reggie just barely tolerates him.

He was pretty resistant for his afternoon nap, but I finally got him down. And of course, the dogs barked. This is them after I scolded the absolute crap out of them.


Tyler made me an omelet for dinner. (I can’t make an omelet to save my life). Walked the fur children, showered and lights OUT. 

How was your week?

12 thoughts on “From The Week

  1. Oh no, So sorry about the wisdom teeth! I had mine out when I was 21 and it was… awful! Not to make you dread it any worse than you already are… 😦
    My daughter would LOVE to be BFFs with our dog but she (the dog) wants nothing to do with her (Swede). Love the photobomb photo!
    Hooray for REAL banana bread!

  2. I’m totally going to be that person that says getting your wisdom teeth out isn’t that bad! I had mine done in sets (bottom first, then tops a few years later) because I didn’t want to be put under for them. It seriously wasn’t that bad at all. But I probably wouldn’t want to get that done if I had a baby to also take care of 😉

    Super jealous of all the sleep going on in your house. Nap wars is going on strong over here 😦

  3. That pizza looks delicious! I have been going running after Amelia is in bed lately with Harley and it’s headlamp, vest, reflectors galore. The darkness sucks!

  4. Nooooooo wisdom teeth out is the WORST. Sorry to be a downer, I’m sure my experience was one of the few that sucks, but it took me 6 weeks to heal. And everytime I’d do any jumping or running my mouth would hurt 😦

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