Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Our was pretty good- low key in that we didn’t really have any obligations; restful even if Wes’s nap schedule was totally whack; and accomplished in that we got our house ready for the holidays! Backtracking a couple days to bring you up to speed…

Friday: Layla had us up pretty early in the morning because she was having butt issues again. I finally got out of bed at 5:30am to hang out in the living room with her because she kept wandering in to Wes’s room and crying. Once the vet opened, I called to make an appointment and we were squeezed in that morning.The verdict? We think she was just constipated. I know, who wants to read about that on a Monday morning. Sorry.


The rest of the day we just hung out.

I did some yoga then laid down for a bit while Wes took his afternoon nap. It felt good to get some stretching in then rest! Especially with such a stressful night with Layla.

Once Tyler got home, we went to get our Christmas tree then had burritos for dinner and watched Amazing Race.



  1. Pool
  2. Costco
  3. Pizza

There was a bit more in the mix, but that’s the highlight reel.

I decorated the tree and got some other stuff put up around the house in the morning. It’s now really feeling like Christmas and I love it.

Wes was really great in the pool this week, too. I’m glad it was my week to be in the water with him because not only was it WARM (thank god) but he was kicking and splashing and majorly pining after a giant red ball floating around. Now if only the YMCA would wash their damn windows so we could get a clear picture!

Our Costco trip was a fortune. That is all.

Tyler made pizza, I jogged the dogs, and we watched a couple recorded shows before heading to bed.

Sunday: I got up with Wes but was quickly fading after about an hour or so. It wasn’t that he got up early, I was just really exhausted for some reason. Once Tyler got up, I headed back to bed and was able to nap for about 90 minutes. HEAVEN.

I mustered up enough energy to get in a cardio workout while Wes took his morning nap (even though it was more like the afternoon by the time he finally fell asleep!) and Tyler was able to put up our outdoor Christmas lights.


And for the love of all that is holy, Canada Post actually delivered a package. ON A SUNDAY. It was some stuff I ordered for Wes since I had an online credit (more on that later!) He was just as happy as his mama to get some mail!


Wes had a super late afternoon nap- which thank goodness didn’t kill bedtime too badly. RULE: don’t f*ck with a baby’s nap schedule. #bagsfordays

Tyler made me breakfast for dinner, I walked the doggies, and attempted to clean the various disasters around the house before heading to bed.

How was your weekend?


12 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. These days I wish I could nap or go back to bed, then I might stay up past 9pm lol. I just cannot fall asleep after waking up!
    Canada Post on a Sunday?! Amazing!!!

    • hahahaha. It’s good if the vet is actually a caring doctor and wouldn’t charge you for stuff like that. We lucked out this time and they didn’t charge- because they know I’m always in there spending money on the dang dogs! But seriously, vets can be $$$ rip offs because we will do anything for our pups!

  2. Poor Layla! Is there anything you can give her? Babies off their nap schedule is the worst! Luckily Amelia has been pretty good while we have been in Ontario

    • not sure..she drools a lot post-walks, so she may get dehydrated which may affect her bum? It doesn’t happen often. This time, it seemed to solve itself after about 36 hours and I gave her lots of water and took her on jogs rather than walks to urge to poo out hahah

  3. Love his smile in that last photo! And seeing you snuggling with him in an earlier photo makes me want to snuggle a baby so bad! Our weekend was good- much of the same as you, well, minus the baby stuff. Taught on Saturday, ate quesadillas twice, drank too much wine and decorated for Christmas!

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