This week in words

Crap, it’s Sunday already. No es bueno. Since I have been pretty M.I.A. in posts this week (besides my minor tangent on relationships through music) I decided to recap the week. Do you care? No. But I have been reminiscing all day so I’m going to write about it anyways.


Workout: Strength Circuits in my room

Other: Group tasting for my wedding food. It did not go well. And by ‘not well’ I mean that I decided to go with the company I met with last week instead.


Other: Bought my Wedding Dress! (Not showing anyone but Kysha and Katie and my parents until next summer) Here’s the best part: since I have a freakishly irregular shaped body, I had to customer order the gown. How freakishly irregular, you ask? (Think in dress-size terms. Boys: skip ahead) My chest is size 5, waist is size 8, and hips are 14. Woof.

Workout: Liz’s Kix class and Athena‘s circuit training. After I bought the dress, I headed out to Boston to see my gym family and have a 2 hour workout. Best 2 hours ever. Super sweaty, pain, laughs…basically all of my favorite things.


Workout: I stayed overnight at Athena’s and she taught spin the next morning. I haven’t taken a spin class since March, even though I have been using the bike in my own workouts. She had fantastic music, and used some of Tina’s intervals from Best Body Bootcamp (If you can’t tell already, Athena and I are fitness twins. Except, sometimes she can do way more regular pushups than me.)

Other: After spin, I went shopping. Actually, is was more like wasting time. But I did buy a shirt. Then I headed to Kysha’s surprise baby shower! I hadn’t seen my bestest friend in a year, and she looks fantastic. Better than fantastic. Once the shower was over, I headed up to my cousin’s house to crash. I was a total couch surfer this week. And I put 1,000+ miles on my parents car. Whoops.



Other: I helped my mom buy a wheelchair for my aunt. Yes, a sentence I never dreamed of typing. I also met up with my high school bestie- she lives right across the street from my parent’s house and we may or may not have matching tattoos that were established roughly around our 18th birthdays. We had a drink- she introduced me to a Baby Guiness (a shot with Kahlua on the bottom and Bailey’s on top)- and stayed out till 3 am. Insert headache here. Not from the booze, but from the late bed time.


I’m not even kidding, I sat on the couch from when I woke up (11:30am) until 11pm. What was I watching? The Police Women of Memphis and Police Women of Broward County on OWN. That’s right, Oprah stole a show from TLC.

Workout: I actually fell to the floor somewhere between the hours of 8 and 10 and did lots of ab work.


EARLY WAKEUP, Y’ALL. I had to pack, do my homework, paint my nails, workout, and do my hair before my 11 am departure time. Which turned into noon.

Workout: I trekked down to the basement for a good, sweaty 60 minute session. I did intervals on the treadmill and strength circuits. Here’s how I broke it down:

Once I got BACK to Boston for the second time this week, I slapped on some makeup, and we all met up for my girls night/bachelorette party. (I took a whopping ZERO photos, so I am waiting for Athena to post her recap and I can direct you guys to her!)

We started off with dinner at Granary Tavern then headed over to Ned Devine’s for the Improv Asylum’s bachelorette/drag show. One of them kissed me ON THE MOUTH.

And I capped off the night with street sausage. I do recall referring to it as ‘saw-seeeeeeeeige’ for quite some time.


Today sucks. I left Boston, got stuck in redonk traffic, and was crammed with a few hours of plug-n-chug homework. And I still have to work out. Since my brain is fried, it will probably be something similar to yesterday’s.

To end on a funny note, I will tell you that this picture can pretty much sum up the entire night last night:


A HUGE thank you to all the girls who went out of their way to make last night super awesome! I can’t wait to get back to Boston already!

Heading Back to Boston


i’m kind of excited about today. ok, really excited. i’m heading back to boston! Wait, wait, wait..let me rephrase that- I’m heading back to the GYM in boston! For the first time since I moved I will be able to go to two-a-day Tuesday for CBC Kix then Athena‘s class. I’m considering carbo loading now since I haven’t had a good gym beating in a while.

my mind is a jumble because i am scrambling around over here to get ish done so I have no coherent post to write.

-I went to my second tasting for the wedding. the atmosphere and service was awesome, BUT- if the food wasn’t fried, it was creamy. not my cup of tea. I didn’t even care for the vegetables. Looks like I’m going with the first (more expensive) place. Their food was THE BOMB DOT COM

-I did a circuit workout in my room yesterday. It went like this

The IN-YOUR-ROOM workout (appropriately named)

Upper body (3 sets, 12 reps-each side if necessary)

  • bicep curls
  • dead lifts
  • tricep pullback then tricep kickback
  • overhead press

Lower Body

  • kettlebell swings
  • curtsy lunge
  • weighted leg lift (laying down)
  • weighted pulse (with leg raise as high as possible)
  • weighted inner thigh lift
  • froggers


  • weighted russian twist
  • toe reach
  • crunch
  • weighted side dips
  • standing crunch

You will ending up doing 3 sets of each for 9 sets total. In between each set, I did a 90 second cardio burst comprised of 30 sec jacks, 30 sec buttkicks, 30 sec jump rope.

ok. i gotta go!

(obviously i am going to stop by the bridal store and try on my sample dress again. pfff)

7 Things

A few things.

1) I bought all this today


2) My ring was finally ready. You bet your bippy I hopped right in my car to go get it. Only downfall, I had just painted my nails, so the job got a little ruined. Normally, I’d be ticked, but I make exceptions for shiny big diamonds!


3) Another spinach salad for dinner. Gotta get in those veggies!


4) Now that I have more equipment at home, I am more inclined for impromptu workouts. Case in point: right now. Then Layla got in the way.


Then she apologized.


Then I ended up just laying on the ball and watching 2 episodes of For Rent and Storage Wars.

5) I experienced rush hour traffic on my way home from the jeweler. HA! Calgary’s rush hour looks like ideal road conditions for Boston. Canada: 1 US: 0

6) Athena reminded me yesterday that the Healthy Living Summit is in Boston this year.

I’m saving up.

7) That is all.