Heading Back to Boston


i’m kind of excited about today. ok, really excited. i’m heading back to boston! Wait, wait, wait..let me rephrase that- I’m heading back to the GYM in boston! For the first time since I moved I will be able to go to two-a-day Tuesday for CBC Kix then Athena‘s class. I’m considering carbo loading now since I haven’t had a good gym beating in a while.

my mind is a jumble because i am scrambling around over here to get ish done so I have no coherent post to write.

-I went to my second tasting for the wedding. the atmosphere and service was awesome, BUT- if the food wasn’t fried, it was creamy. not my cup of tea. I didn’t even care for the vegetables. Looks like I’m going with the first (more expensive) place. Their food was THE BOMB DOT COM

-I did a circuit workout in my room yesterday. It went like this

The IN-YOUR-ROOM workout (appropriately named)

Upper body (3 sets, 12 reps-each side if necessary)

  • bicep curls
  • dead lifts
  • tricep pullback then tricep kickback
  • overhead press

Lower Body

  • kettlebell swings
  • curtsy lunge
  • weighted leg lift (laying down)
  • weighted pulse (with leg raise as high as possible)
  • weighted inner thigh lift
  • froggers


  • weighted russian twist
  • toe reach
  • crunch
  • weighted side dips
  • standing crunch

You will ending up doing 3 sets of each for 9 sets total. In between each set, I did a 90 second cardio burst comprised of 30 sec jacks, 30 sec buttkicks, 30 sec jump rope.

ok. i gotta go!

(obviously i am going to stop by the bridal store and try on my sample dress again. pfff)

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