7 Things

A few things.

1) I bought all this today


2) My ring was finally ready. You bet your bippy I hopped right in my car to go get it. Only downfall, I had just painted my nails, so the job got a little ruined. Normally, I’d be ticked, but I make exceptions for shiny big diamonds!


3) Another spinach salad for dinner. Gotta get in those veggies!


4) Now that I have more equipment at home, I am more inclined for impromptu workouts. Case in point: right now. Then Layla got in the way.


Then she apologized.


Then I ended up just laying on the ball and watching 2 episodes of For Rent and Storage Wars.

5) I experienced rush hour traffic on my way home from the jeweler. HA! Calgary’s rush hour looks like ideal road conditions for Boston. Canada: 1 US: 0

6) Athena reminded me yesterday that the Healthy Living Summit is in Boston this year.

I’m saving up.

7) That is all.

2 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. First of all, I picked out the exact same two mags to read on the plane for my trip this week. I love it. Second, I’m marking down that August weekend in my calendar. Shall we have a fundraiser? Lemonade stand? I’ll start brainstorming now.

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