Pizza, Pushups, and Pink

Top of the mornin’ to ya, folks!

It is finally the end of the week (let’s all pause to do a collective ‘phewwww’).

I have no workout for you today (but if you want one, check out my Workouts page!!!) partly because my body is dead. More specifically, my right hamstring. I don’t think I have ever pulled a hammy in my life until today. Cray-balls. But, I still want to get in some sort of activity since I plan on throwing back a few brewskies with T-t-t-tyler tonight.

Instead of a workout post, or a recipe (which I gave you last night) I thought I would provide a few bits of entertainment.

1. This video art is hilarious. I don’t know if it was better with the musical accompaniment, but I was laughing my little ass off.

2. Make this pizza this weekend. If you are like Jessica (and me) then you should make two and force your man to indulge as well. Hey man, I made you food. And it has meat in it. The other ingredients should be minor details for you and therefore you should eat it. Otherwise, there is a comfy looking couch over there that may become your new bed.

3. Ok, now I feel guilty. No workout post, but a pizza post?! That’s cruel. So, while your pizza is baking away, try this workout. It’s quick and easy. And you’ll sweat. And then be tempted to eat another piece of pizza..

We interrupt this post for some SUPER SAD news:

I hand washed my 2 new pink Lululemon pieces last night. And, well…

Actually, the bleeding was the least of my worries. The worst part was that the sweat from my workouts while wearing them STAINED. As in, my Wunder Unders permanently display swass and my tank shows awful back and ab sweat. I was torn apart last night. So much money spent on 2 pieces and both are ruined. You bet your bippy I emailed AND tweeted to Lululemon about my problems.

Enough of my ranting..I have an episode of What Not to Wear to watch.


4 thoughts on “Pizza, Pushups, and Pink

  1. Ick dude! That is not cool!! Those lulu pants are so cute too.

    That pizza looks good but I am not sure boyfriend would like it very much. I am trying to get him to eat more fruits and veggies but the only thing he likes these days is meat and potatoes and American pie stuff. I am the total opposite. I always have to sneak the veggies in.

    That workout looks interesting, I will save it! I need to do more at home workout circuits, they look like a lot of fun!!

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