Pocket Full of Sunshine

1. Yesterday’s workout was a sweaty interval workout on the bike. 35 minutes and I was done! Only two more workouts for this week and I can ‘rest’ while I sit on a couple of flights on Sunday. (I’m no stranger to lunges and squats by my gate…)

2. We sampled only one beer from our first batch of home brew and it was super good!



3. I started packing. It’s a good thing my drinking pants are also my workout pants. Saves room to bring stuff back.

4. Took Layla to the park this afternoon. Pup was a mental beast with all the fresh snow. I took about 04957203957209 pictures, but will only bore you with two.





5. I am making these tomorrow. Insert evil laugh and terrible victory dance here. I will DEFINITELY have to do Airport Gate Lunges if I have too many.

6. I posted this video on my personal facebook page yesterday and I still think it is hilarious. I had my iTunes playing pretty loud while I was doing stuff throughout the house, and the Natasha Bedingfield song Pocket Full of Sunshine came on. It immediately made me think of this video clip because the montage is EXACTLY what I was doing yesterday. SO. FUNNY. Seriously people, laugh with me on this one. I got like no feedback on facebook and I was just dying for someone to comment something like “hahaha wow Jen you are so funny to be dancing with your dog and doing chores while singing that song!” But no such luck.

moving on..

7. Wait, there is no 7. I can’t think of anything else to write. Perhaps I should workout to clear my head. OK!

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1-10 Friday

Happy Friday!

I have no cohesive post to write, so this random blurb of words is about to happen. Sit down, grab a drink and enjoy.

1. Yesterday I worked out. Hahahah DUH! I always work out. I went to the gym before noon (which hasn’t happened in a long time) and I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, then 10 minutes on the row machine. I counted the row machine as a strength workout because it kills the core, arms and legs. I intended on staying on the treadmill for an hour, but my legs were feeling heavy from the lower body workout the night before. 



I even tried foam rolling for about 30 minutes prior to working out, but it didn’t seem to help that much. Ah well.

2. I can’t believe I am about to type this, but I think I like having brown(er) hair. Perhaps that’s just winter talking. But I am actually getting ahead of myself and thinking that it would go best with my wedding dress. Ew, I’m thinking about that kinda stuff? Yuck. But seriously, I think it will.

3. Last night’s dinner was YUMMO. I made a lightened up version of chicken broccoli alfredo. Real quick, here’s what I did. 

  • Sliced 2 chicken breasts, cooked fully, set aside
  • Oil, garlic and crown of broccoli florets, sauteed and covered to steam until cooked to desire.
  • No Yoke pasta noodles, cooked according to directions.

That’s the easy part, now here’s the sauce.

1. In a saucepan, add 1 tbsp oil and 3 cloves minced garlic.

2. Add 1 cup low fat milk and 1/2 cup vegetable broth.

3. Slowly add 1 tbsp of flour to mixture at a time, stirring constantly to ensure there are no clumps. You should add about 5 tbsp of flour total. (Start using a whisk, damnit!)

4. Add 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper, 1 tbsp pesto paste, and 1/4 cut grated parmesan cheese.

5. Keep stirring, lower heat.

6. Add chicken, broccoli and noodles. Stir. Eat.

7. I topped mine with sirarcha and loved it.


4. We are on to phase 2 of our beer making. I’m getting more excited for it.



5. I was watching Jersey Shore this morning and thought to myself about how sucky it would be if I were at one of those clubs when the cast was there and they referred to me as a grenade. Because honestly, a lot of those ‘grenades’ aren’t ugly, they’re just not guidettes or whatever. 

6. My recent downloads. Very alternative. And I actually listened to it while working out yesterday- and didn’t get bored! I suggest you try it.


7. This article hits home a bit. Part of the tragedy of moving so much.

8. I think cleaning the kitchen has finally surpassed making the bed as my least favorite household chore. 

9. I have realized that we almost NEVER get mail on Thursdays or Fridays. Super disheartening. That said, feel free to mail me letters, gifts, postcards, etc. 

10. Ok this post is stupid. SO, I am going to stop here, press Publish for some stupid reason, and go work out or something.

Weekend Catch Up. And free lululemon!

Ok, I think I can get back to normal now. School is over and grades are in. 2 A’s to finish grad school! My cumulative GPA is 3.751. Not. Too. Shabby. I am really glad it’s over. The other night, I dreamt that I hadn’t finished all my work. But I also dreamt bears were chasing me, so I couldn’t take it too seriously. I finally checked yesterday morning and had to refrain from hooting and hollering because Tyler was still sleeping.

Made me feel even better about getting this puppy from Tyler as a graduation gift:

12.11 mixer

I have already made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and biscotti. The chocolate chip recipe that was my go-to recipe has been officially taken over by a new recipe that came with my mixer. Tyler and I agreed that this batch was the best because it wasn’t as sweet. I thought they were chewier, too. Makes them last longer (or not). I am still on the hunt for a savory dish to make with this. But why rush, when the obvious thing to make during the holiday season is tons and tons of cookies?! I loaded up on sugar, flour, brown sugar, powdered sugar, eggs, BUTTER, and food coloring in preparation for the madness that will be my kitchen in the next few weeks. PS: If you have any cookies recipes you’re dying to share..PLEASE DO!

Saturday was a busy day. It was a FUN day! And, after two weeks sans makeup and normal clothes, I got myself dressed.

12.11 ootd

I rocked some red corduroys, brown leather boots, a plaid long sleeved tee, and my wool scarf from Zulily. If you haven’t heard of Zulily, I highly recommend you check out that link I provided. There are some insane deals on there! (The girls got their bridesmaids earrings from there!)

We had a Groupon for Fatburger that was due to expire this week, so we decided to make the trek to the NE for some fat-kid food.

12.11 fatburger

The voucher was for the standard burger, fries, and soft drink. A meal that is totally out of my norm. I managed to finish most of the burger which was OK, and a couple of fries. Had to force feed those, since I am NOT a fry person. The best thing I can say about that meal was that it wasn’t greasy. So I didn’t feel like a tub-o-lard that I planned on feeling like.

While eating the meal, I spotted a Bulk Barn across the way. I had never been to one yet, and I really wanted to sneak a peak on what goodies they had to offer. Yup, it was heaven. I was surprised by the variety of things they had- coffee to spices to baking ingredients to candy to nuts to….everything. 

12.11 bulkbarn

I managed to restrain myself, and we walked out with only a couple of goodies:

12.11 bulkbarn2

Irish cream coffee beans, hot tamales, corn nuts (for Tyler). and silver sugar pearls. I was entirely too excited to see the pearls because I remember my mom always having them in the cupboard, ready for baking. I guess the store we went to stopped carrying them or they were discontinued because we couldn’t find them for the longest time. Tonight, we will be definitely using them to decorate christmas cookies- made with my new mixer 😉

We also stopped by this shop that was within the same neighborhood- and we got a home brewing kit! Tyler and I LOVE drinking beer, and Tyler has been interesting in making it at home. We ended up getting the kit and a box of wort for mexican cerveza.The guy at the store said it was more like Dos Equis than Corona. As soon as we got home, we got right to it!

12.11 beer

I can’t wait to see how it turns out. We have already been looking into other ‘flavors’. I’m rooting for Apricot!

After the beer was all set (it is currently still sitting in the basement fermenting. Or doing whatever it does), we got to our gingerbread building. I opted for the traditional house, while Tyler mixed it up and got the tree. I think they turned out pretty good. Mine included red and green fondant that I had to roll out and shape myself. I now have a new respect for wedding cake bakers. But I’m still going with cupcakes.

12.11 gingerbread

We rounded out the evening with Caesars and Home Alone.

12.11 home alone

And Layla drooled all over us. Typical.

12.11 layla

Sunday was nothing unusual. Except for the fact that I wasn’t bogged down with homework! Tyler watched football while I did laundry and napped and snuggled with the pup. I was feeling pretty blah and didn’t want to go to the gym, so I did a pretty quick- but effective strength circuit:

  • 50 left reverse gliding lunges
  • 50 right reverse gliding lunges
  • 50 overhead presses
  • 50 shoulder presses
  • 100 stability ball situps
  • 50 right single leg deadlifts
  • 50 left single leg deadlifts

Yesterday’s workout was Workout A from Best Body Bootcamp– 6 rounds of tabatas, with each alternating between two moves (this is my favorite series for arms, because I have seen immediate results after both last night’s session and last Monday’s session. Score!) I also got to the gym and did a 30 minute treadmill interval workout.

Picture 9

I think that makes me sufficiently caught up. What’s going on with you?

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