BBB update, cookies, and christmas!

It’s a new week, people. Not a fun new week, however. Sure, it’s cyber Monday, but it’s also back to school for me. 2 more weeks of this nonsense and I am DONE!

The last few days have been pretty fun though:

There were 2 good workouts- Saturday was a combination of strength circuits and short cardio bursts (all done at home) and Sunday was a nice long spin at the gym. On Friday, I got my new armband in the mail, so I was finally able to use my iPod touch yesterday. I loved it! It’s super minimal, has awesome no-slip fabric(?) and has a small pocket for a key!..or money!..or both!


Wait, let’s go back to my at-home workout on Saturday. 3 words: Single. Leg. Burpees. I have officially added that to my list of all-time favorite exercises. We were meant to do a lot of burpees in this phase of BBB, but after doing Workout A last week, I just wasn’t feeling the layout, so I rearranged it for my Saturday workout. Lots of single leg burpees mixed in with other compound exercises. By the end of my workout, I was walking around like I just got off a horse. FANTASTIC!


I haven’t really been in the mood to follow the Best Body Bootcamp workouts lately, but I am thinking of vaguely following them (at least the strength portion) this week and getting in a LOT of my own cardio through running, spin, and kickboxing. Hey, since I’m on the topic of cardio AND it’s that time of the year where getting to the gym can be hard, I thought I’d share THIS post with you. It’s a lot of cardio exercises you can do to get your heart rate up up up! And you can do them from the comfort of your own home. You are so welcome.

On Saturday evening, I headed over to Leigh’s for a Calgary blogger meet-up. It was super fun! There were about 10 of us, and it was really nice to put faces to names of bloggers I have been checking out lately. Plus, it felt REALLY nice to be able to socialize. You have no idea.

I ended up bringing a batch of my favorite crack no-bake cookies. Alison asked me to post the recipe (you may regret this, Alison!) Here it is:

What you’ll need:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 stick butter (that’s in American butter. For you Canadians, it’s 1/2 cup butter)
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup peanut butter (don’t substitute with other nut butters, it really doesn’t come out right)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 3 cups quick oats (you can use cook and serve, but it really changes the consistency)

What you do:

1. Put the sugar, milk, butter and cocoa in a large saucepan and bring to a boil (stirring constantly). Allow it to boil for 1 minute.

2. Remove from heat, stir in peanut butter, vanilla and oats until fully incorporated.

3. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture on foil or waxed paper and allow to set and cool completely.

4. Eat all of them and then make another batch to share.

At the meet-up, we also did a white elephant gift exchange. I lucked out (ALL the gifts were awesome) and went home with a few goodies:

Some locally made toffee- which I ate half of last night and it was deliciously yummy and fantastic


Some lemony soap shaped like a wedge of pie


And some handmade Christmas cards. Love the glitter!


This AM, a couple of packages arrived from my parents. Yippee!!!!!!!! I love getting stuff in the mail 🙂


Ok, ok. One is for me, and the LARGER one is for Tyler. Mom said we could open them right away, so I tore mine open. [Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to leave Tyler’s unopened until he gets home from work?! Ugh, the agony]

I already knew of one thing that was in my package- so I really did have to open it right away. My mom made us a beautiful tree-skirt!


She’s a really awesome quilter, so I have no reservations in pimping her skills on the blog. If anyone wants her to make something for you, I could totally hook you up. (With a commission of course)

Then, some other really sweet goodies:


Soap in a coat! The bar of soap was wrapped in wool felt that acts as an exfoliator. It smells of delicious lavender.


A cute little snowman! He’s already up on the mantle 😉


A luxuriously soft infinity scarf and headwrap. Now I have an excuse to get dressed and leave the house today to shop.

And, without further ado, I would like to wish my parents a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 46th anniversary today!!!!! (SHIT, that’s a long ass time)

And good luck to my dad who is having surgery today- a wonderful gift to give your wife on your anniversary. Let’s just hope mom doesn’t make nice with the wine before having to drive him home! (kidding, mom. Sort of. Not really.)

Covering all the bases

Sit down and relax, this is gonna be a long one.

After I spent pretty much ALL morning on the phone with different immigration/customs people, I threw my hands in the air singin’ aaaaaa-yo and called it quits for the day. Moving to Canada has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Harder than college or fit tests or solving mathematical equations.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Safeway with Tyler’s credit card. I didn’t go crazy- mostly tons of produce. After I got home, I reheated some leftover tortellini for lunch.

I gave most of the kielbasa to Layla. A) Less calories consumed for me; B) Layla is most likely going to be a gassy mess tonight. Sigh.

I think she felt guilty for having such an indulgent snack that she gave herself timeout.

Funny story: Tyler bought Layla two new toys yesterday, both of them with strategically placed squeakies. Before going to bed last night, I put both of her toys in her bed- where she so conveniently decided to sleep that night. Well, in the middle of the night, she must have readjusted her sleeping position, because the toy squeaked and her, Tyler and I all freaked out. Like, she jumped a foot and Tyler and I instantly sat upright out of a deep sleep. It reminded me of the scene in Home Alone with Kevin’s parents realized they slept through their alarm.

Moving on.

I baked a healthier version of no bake cookies. (Ok, i didn’t bake them, but you know what I mean)

I found the healthier alternative on Eating Bird Food. Really, the only difference is using a mashed banana rather than a stick of butter.

I don’t know if you know this, but bananas are better for you than butter. Unless it’s Sunday, then who cares (I repeat: Calories do not count on Sundays)

These cookies (yes, cookies is plural, I had three because I am the baker and I am allowed) were enjoyed while I read through two new magazines:

Not too many things caught my eye in either of these. Bummer. When I did my prelim flip-through in the store, they looked like they’d be winners.

Hey, remember when I posted about some stuff I bought? Honestly, you should remember because I haven’t been buying anything since I had a job. (Other than health insurance and almond butter from Costco.) Well, it arrived today!

The raspberry ketones and protein powder plus a muscle magazine and two trial packets for free. free. I am really pumped to give these a go tomorrow before an early morning workout!

Speaking of workouts (see how this post just naturally flows?) I thought I’d show you guys my workout from last night:

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

weighted squat series (x2, make sure to go through on each leg twice with 12 reps)

-split squat

-elevated squat

-reverse split squat

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

arm series (12 reps of each x2)

-bicep curls

-tricep kickback

-chest press

-dumbbell fly

-shoulder front raise

-lateral raise

-front/lateral combo

-overhead press

10 minute HIIT on the ski-machine thingy. I Googled an image for you if you don’t understand my techincal lingo:


ab series (I just did a ton of each until my core was burnt out)

-stability ball crunches

-stability ball weighted russian twists

-stability ball plank

-stability ball side crunches

Overall, decent workout.

This morning, I put my daily fitness goal on facebook

And I did it. And it was hard. And I loved every single burpee. Surprisingly, the burpees got easier the closer I got to 100- my body was in the rhythm to really push through and explode on the jump. That makes me a happy lady. I got so pumped up, I ended up doing a bit of kickboxing as well!

Check out one of my guns

For dinner, I decided to make stuffed peppers. But not our regular ol’ stuffed peps. These were healthy and different and good.

I found the recipe here. I cut it in half so that Tyler could have two, and I would have one. I put some ground beef in Tyler’s because he’s manly and needs meat and protein. Woof.

My lil lone pep. Cute. I decided to dissect it a bit to let you see the innards (Terrible way to describe food, btw)

Last one, just a little bit closer…

Couple of new songs on the iPod for tonight’s workout

Sometimes only adding one or two new songs in the mix really amp up a workout. They helped me get through those burpees!!

On a final note, I am seriously considering buying a Lululemon skirt. Not for running- but for normal everyday summer wear. Yes? No?


Ok, I think that just about covers all the bases. I have run out of things to write about. Hopefully you were entertained? I was…I love blogging this stuff.

I am off to the gym with my 4 new songs and 100 burpee-in guns and I am going to get a serious sweat session on!