Blackberry Vanilla Oatcakes…etc.

Happy Monday, folks. I have been running around like cray-cray today in an attempt to run errands, clean, cook, and be awesome. 

Good thing I started the day with a POT of coffee and these babies:



Honestly, just go make these right now. Even if it’s for dinner. I made these with a sample packet of Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder that I got in my Bulu Box awhile back.



I’m not sure why I never used it sooner, because it had a fantastic flavor that really oomph-ed these cakes. (Oh, and I just looked online, and it’s REALLY expensive to have some of the stuff shipped to Canada. So, if you know of any secret place/way I can get it on the cheap, I’M ALL EARS)

Blackberry Vanilla Oatcakes

  • 1 cup oat flour (I put oats in the food processor for this)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • Sunwarrior protein powder (or a scoop of protein powder of your choice)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp nonfat plain greek yogurt



Mix everything together, pour on hot griddle (with cooking spray), top with sliced blackberries, flip, eat. These came out SUPER fluffy and they were nice and filling. I topped the stack with a mixture of greek yogurt, almond milk, cinnamon and agave. Oh, and chia seeds.



I must be on a greek yogurt kick, because it was included in lunch as well. I knew I wanted a ton of veggies, but I wanted something to give a plate of plain, raw veggies a little bit of a kick.

Insert: Dill Dip



Yet another ‘recipe’ that I just threw together, and didn’t really measure the ingredients. But, it included:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Garlic Salt
  • Lemon Juice

It went really well with my lunch plate!



For the record- lentil chips are the bomb dot com.

Onto random ramblings!

  1. I FINALLY got a call from Tiffany&Co saying my earrings were in. To quickly recap: I brought them in in December when a screw back fell off one of the posts. I was told they no longer make those and my earrings would have to sent out for repair (approx. 1 month waiting time). I then called them to tell them I would be out of the country and to call Tyler because I wouldn’t have a phone. Obviously they didn’t do that, so we were never notified my earrings were in. I went to the store at the end of January and found that they set my diamonds in completely different settings without my consent. Never mind the fact that the ‘replacement’ backings were defective as well! So, they were sent back out to have set in the original settings. I was told a week, and it took 3. I went in to the store this morning and found that the 2nd replacement/repair was STILL defective. I took them anyways because I was sick of dealing with their crap. RESULT: WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. 
  2. I am going to Seattle in 17 days!!!!!! I can’t wait to see my best friend. Nevermind the fact that I’ll be there for St. Patty’s day AND her birthday! 😉 😉
  3. I made fudge a couple weeks ago and over-boiled the evaporate milk concoction. The batch was super dry and yuck. So, I was overly cautious when making some rocky road fudge last night. Apparently I was TOO cautious. It didn’t set. BUT THE GOOD NEWS YOU GUYS is that if you throw it in the freezer, it’s edible! If that didn’t work, I was going to resort to nuking it in the microwave for an ice cream topper in the future.
  4. Here’s a list of AWKWARD SITUATIONS. The best part, I personally find them all hilarious. Like, I would WANT to be in those situations so that I could try to make other people uncomfortable. Ok, maybe not #3.
  5. Not that I’m trying to get serious or anything, but this article on 10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Say “I’m Pretty” I thought I’d include this because I am totally guilty of just about all of them. 
  6. Way to go, Alberta.
  7. Check out this playlist I put together for today’s run:


I had to put this thing together all by myself. With no help. Why? Look:



64 of you saw this update/request I posted on my Facebook page yesterday, but NONE of you provided suggestions. Do you not listen to music? I kid, I kid, I know you were all probably too busy with Oscar/Walking Dead/Amazing Race watching. In case you were NOT one of the 64 people who saw this, I urge you to go LIKE MY PAGE. Maybe *you* will be helpful to my future requests.

Question: what’s your favorite way to use protein powder? Got something random to share?

Busy bee.. And a great workout!

Unlike Garfield, I am loving this Monday


I made a To Do list for myself (and one for Tyler, haha) and the first thing on my list was a workout. Here’s what it looked like:

10 minute HIIT elliptical warm up

10 left leg front lunges
10 right leg front lunges
10 squats
10 plié squats
(these ate all done holding 10 pound weights. Do this 4x through)

2 minute jump rope

10 bicep curls
10 tricep extensions
10 hammer curls
10 tricep extensions
(again, 10 pound weights and done 4x through)

2 minute jump rope

Donkey kick series left leg
(10 kickbacks, 10 top taps, 10 crossover kickbacks, 10 wide toe taps)
10 froggers
Donkey kick series right leg
10 froggers

2 minute jumping jacks

10 leg lifts
10 crunches
(4x through)

10 skiers
10 mountain climbers
(4x through)

Plank series
(30 seconds each side and 60 in the middle)

20 minute cycle HIIT


Breakfast was a chocolate strawberry protein bowl. I mixed chocolate protein powder, fresh strawberries, almond milk and ice in the blender and topped with a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios


Now onto that pot of coffee….

Lots more to do today! I was going to cross ‘walk with Layla’ off my list next, but she seems to be oh-so-comfortably sleeping. And by comfortable I mean holy crap that looks painful.


Covering all the bases

Sit down and relax, this is gonna be a long one.

After I spent pretty much ALL morning on the phone with different immigration/customs people, I threw my hands in the air singin’ aaaaaa-yo and called it quits for the day. Moving to Canada has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Harder than college or fit tests or solving mathematical equations.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Safeway with Tyler’s credit card. I didn’t go crazy- mostly tons of produce. After I got home, I reheated some leftover tortellini for lunch.

I gave most of the kielbasa to Layla. A) Less calories consumed for me; B) Layla is most likely going to be a gassy mess tonight. Sigh.

I think she felt guilty for having such an indulgent snack that she gave herself timeout.

Funny story: Tyler bought Layla two new toys yesterday, both of them with strategically placed squeakies. Before going to bed last night, I put both of her toys in her bed- where she so conveniently decided to sleep that night. Well, in the middle of the night, she must have readjusted her sleeping position, because the toy squeaked and her, Tyler and I all freaked out. Like, she jumped a foot and Tyler and I instantly sat upright out of a deep sleep. It reminded me of the scene in Home Alone with Kevin’s parents realized they slept through their alarm.

Moving on.

I baked a healthier version of no bake cookies. (Ok, i didn’t bake them, but you know what I mean)

I found the healthier alternative on Eating Bird Food. Really, the only difference is using a mashed banana rather than a stick of butter.

I don’t know if you know this, but bananas are better for you than butter. Unless it’s Sunday, then who cares (I repeat: Calories do not count on Sundays)

These cookies (yes, cookies is plural, I had three because I am the baker and I am allowed) were enjoyed while I read through two new magazines:

Not too many things caught my eye in either of these. Bummer. When I did my prelim flip-through in the store, they looked like they’d be winners.

Hey, remember when I posted about some stuff I bought? Honestly, you should remember because I haven’t been buying anything since I had a job. (Other than health insurance and almond butter from Costco.) Well, it arrived today!

The raspberry ketones and protein powder plus a muscle magazine and two trial packets for free. free. I am really pumped to give these a go tomorrow before an early morning workout!

Speaking of workouts (see how this post just naturally flows?) I thought I’d show you guys my workout from last night:

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

weighted squat series (x2, make sure to go through on each leg twice with 12 reps)

-split squat

-elevated squat

-reverse split squat

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

arm series (12 reps of each x2)

-bicep curls

-tricep kickback

-chest press

-dumbbell fly

-shoulder front raise

-lateral raise

-front/lateral combo

-overhead press

10 minute HIIT on the ski-machine thingy. I Googled an image for you if you don’t understand my techincal lingo:


ab series (I just did a ton of each until my core was burnt out)

-stability ball crunches

-stability ball weighted russian twists

-stability ball plank

-stability ball side crunches

Overall, decent workout.

This morning, I put my daily fitness goal on facebook

And I did it. And it was hard. And I loved every single burpee. Surprisingly, the burpees got easier the closer I got to 100- my body was in the rhythm to really push through and explode on the jump. That makes me a happy lady. I got so pumped up, I ended up doing a bit of kickboxing as well!

Check out one of my guns

For dinner, I decided to make stuffed peppers. But not our regular ol’ stuffed peps. These were healthy and different and good.

I found the recipe here. I cut it in half so that Tyler could have two, and I would have one. I put some ground beef in Tyler’s because he’s manly and needs meat and protein. Woof.

My lil lone pep. Cute. I decided to dissect it a bit to let you see the innards (Terrible way to describe food, btw)

Last one, just a little bit closer…

Couple of new songs on the iPod for tonight’s workout

Sometimes only adding one or two new songs in the mix really amp up a workout. They helped me get through those burpees!!

On a final note, I am seriously considering buying a Lululemon skirt. Not for running- but for normal everyday summer wear. Yes? No?


Ok, I think that just about covers all the bases. I have run out of things to write about. Hopefully you were entertained? I was…I love blogging this stuff.

I am off to the gym with my 4 new songs and 100 burpee-in guns and I am going to get a serious sweat session on!

2 down, 1 to go..

Yesterday, I bought two things I’ve had my eye on for a while. Ok that’s a lie. The first thing I’ve been after for a while, but the second required a few hours of research/review reading/price comparison/practically no websites ship to Canada. Can I get a ‘aw hell no’ to that?!

Back to my two things. The first was something I saw on Dr. Oz (better than Dr. Phil but not quite as good as God. I kid.)

Raspberry Ketones

If these spark your curiosity, I’ll let you do some Google work on your own. I opted for the Labrada Raspberry Ketones.

Second, I got Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. After research, I found it a great protein powder for tha lay-dees.

The third thing is something I surrriously want.

Lululemon’s Run: In the Sun crops.
Gah. I die. So cute and purple! Last time I bookmarked something from lulu, I got them a week later. Maybe that same stroke of luck will work again?! One can hope.

What’s something you recently bought and/or want?