Number it out.

Lots of things to talk about today. Let’s number it out:

1. The Walking Dead last night. Oh myyyyyyy, I forgot how much I love that show. Then, about an hour later in bed, Tyler put his arm over me and I thought it was a zombie and almost killed him.


2. My legs were pretty dead from my Saturday workout, so I kept it to a minimum and focused on my arms yesterday. But I did manage to squeeze the bender ball between my knees for the entire hour of Walking Dead.

3. I started reading Wild last night. I’m already halfway through. I got sucked in, and didn’t realize that I was staying up for hours!


4. I signed up again for Round III of Best Body Bootcamp. Last session, I followed it to a T for about the first 2 weeks, then when I went home for almost the entire month of August, I edited it to incorporate more runs (I love running through my parents neighborhood) and to accommodate my busy schedule visiting friends.

5. I just spent about $49686240935 mailing people stuff. Canada post, you are expensive.

6. And now, I must do what Tyler tells me:


It’s a tough life, I tell ya.

One thought on “Number it out.

  1. Best body bootcamp sounds great! I am hoping to incorporate more of those classes in my workout schedule once the marathon is over. We have a class at the gym I work at called Nike Training Club and it is awesome and so hardcore! Loving your instagram posts. I love sriracha! Never had it with eggs before but I bet it’s really good!

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