Donate NOW!

Hey. So it’s practically the holiday season. And what do a lot of people do during the holiday season? They give. So here’s an idea…give me some long sleeve shirts or sweaters.

Ok that sounded rude. Let me rephrase.

DONATE your new or gently used ‘warm clothes’ to me. You know, the girl who moved from California 10 years ago and still hasn’t grasped the concept of winter? The girl who moved to CANADA and forgot practically all the warm clothes she did own in the States. The girl who is shivering 24/7.

The girl who is currently walking about a mile to the gym with 3 pairs of lulu pants, 2 pairs of wool socks, a long sleeve T, New Balance windbreaker, North Face Fleece, Kenneth Cole Parka, NE Patriots head warmer, Red Sox baseball hat, and two pairs of Target gloves. (aka: ALL the warm clothes I own)

And it’s only October.

Hook a sista up.

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