Recipes, Purchases, and a Workout

Hey, I’m back. I told you I would be, so it shouldn’t be such a huge surprise.


1. So these:


Holy hell are they sweet or what. They’re so sweet, I gotta say it again: holy hell. But if you’d like the recipe, you can find it here.

2. Apple Leather


Here’s what I did: 6 apples peeled and halved. Put into boiling water for a few minutes to get them nice and tender. Drain and throw them in the blender with just under 1/4 c water and cinnamon to taste. Then spread out on a cookie pan lined with saran wrap (sprayed with cooking oil helps). Then put oven on the lowest setting (mine was 170 degrees) and let it sit in the oven overnight (8-10 hours. Check it now and then to make sure it doesn’t crisp up, you want it to be a bit pliable).

There ya go!

3. I went to Lululemon (because Tyler TOLD me to) and I got 2 precious gems to add to my collection. This is totally going to help me with that issue I mentioned yesterday.


It’s the Virtue Energy Pant in dense purple and the Run: Swiftly Tech long sleeve

4. Then I got carried away and found an amazeballs steal on some more winter clothes. I got two pairs of cords and 2 sweaters and they were each $20! Not bad, Jen. Not bad.


5. Yesterday’s workout.

It was somewhat adjusted because I only had one girl attend the class, but here’s the gist: (some of the moves were taken from Best Body Bootcamp. Green= strength; Blue= cardio)

  • 5 minute warmup
  • Elevated push press (using the step) 1 min each side
  • Up/down plank- 1 min
  • Run laps around the studio for 3 minutes
  • 15 seconds jacks/15 seconds mountain climbers x3
  • Lunge stance with row- 1 min/Opposite leg forward lunge stance with reverse fly- 1 min
  • Tricep dips- 30 seconds at the 4-count and 30 seconds at single count
  • Repeat lunge moves and tricep dips
  • Run laps opposite directions for 3 minutes
  • 1 min torso twist hops
  • 1 minute wall sit with bicep curls
  • 1 minute weighted laying hip abduction/1 minute weighted hip adduction
  • 1 minute wall sit with overhead press
  • 30 seconds jump rope/30 seconds quick feet x3
  • 15 squats with front raise
  • 15 chest flys
  • 30 second decline plank
  • 15 single leg tricep kickback Left/15 right
  • 10 plank with single arm row Right/10 left
  • 8 surrender squat right/8 left


  • we did 5 burpess with a 15 second rest 10x through


  • Crunch progressions: 10 reg crunches, 10 with legs at tabletop position, 10 with legs straight in the air, 10 with scissor legs left, 10 scissor legs right, 10 tabletop, 10 regular

Tell me something random. How about: what’s the last thing you bought online? Where’s the last place you went out to eat? Favorite TV show this fall? Favorite cold-weather meal to make?

7 thoughts on “Recipes, Purchases, and a Workout

  1. what’s the last thing you bought online? An e-book…does that count? I bought JK Rowling’s new adult novel! Where’s the last place you went out to eat? Not Your Average Joe’s on wednesday night! Favorite TV show this fall? Does Walking Dead count even though I haven’t started watching the newest season yet? If not, then Dexter. Favorite cold-weather meal to make? Probably chili!

  2. Sounds like a rockin workout! Loving bootcamp as usual.

    Last things I bought online: handmade Kindle and sunglasses cases, CD, iTunes music, books and more.

    Last place we went out to eat? local Japanese Steakhouse

    • Thanks, me tooooo! (It’s my first long sleeve t from them) and I was doing the bend over test in the fitting room area with all the pants- I’m pretty sure I flashed a few people a couple of times before coming across these purple gems!

  3. The last thing I bought online was some things from Banana Republic 🙂 They had a 40% off plus another 20% off. How could I resist.
    Last place to eat was last weekend on our date night. A tapas placed called Tango. I love tapas.
    My favourite fall tv show is Revenge and New Girl. I can’t pick between the two

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