Merry Monday!

Merry Monday to you all! I am enjoying my first day of vacation from school! It’s so exciting not having to post discussion forums and take quizzes and write papers and do MATH.

Let’s see, what have I been doing the last few days?

I got in some good workouts.


  • Friday I did some strength training at home.
  • Saturday I got up early to get in some treadmill time and a quick spin.
  • Sunday I did nothing
  • This morning I got up early and did Workout A from this week of Best Body Bootcamp. WHOA. It was a good one. LOTS of burpees, strength and core work. Then I went to the gym and SPRINTED 2 miles. I’m not kidding about the sprinting part. That’s why I put it in all caps. Also, I realized I wore mismatched socks.


After my Saturday morning workout, I met up with Alison and Leigh for some sushi. Yes, I got lost. Both there and back.

Spicy Tuna roll and California roll. And I was happy.


Leigh also gave me a no-slip headband she made. I love it and it fits perfect!


We installed new motion sensor lights on the front of the house. No pictures, because I was too busy getting serious with home improvement.



And how do you make beer better? You drink it from a BIG frosty mug!


Hmm, what else. We got Christmas lights that still need to be hung. I have been painting and glittering a lot. Ooh, and I got my hair done this morning!

Before: Super blonde


After: OMG I can’t believe it either, but I had low lights put in my hair for the first time in over 5 years. Gasp, I know. I think it looks alright. At least for winter.


She curled it a lot. It’s almost prom worthy.

Layla says hi from her favorite spot. At her favorite time. On our bed. When the sheets are stripped.


Coming up this week:

-More crafting! I can’t wait to show you (you? or it? Since I’m not really showing *you* I’m showing the internet)

-American Thanksgiving! (Turkey is getting all thawed already)

-I’m going to the Christmas Market on Friday (If anyone wants to go with…..;) )

What are you looking forward to this week?



4 thoughts on “Merry Monday!

  1. So glad that the headband fit! And that you liked it. Haha we both officially have the worst sense of direction. Seeing you get your hair done almost makes me want to get mine done again….but then I remember how much money I’ve saved over this past year and how much I hate roots!

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