Silly picture sign up!

Pomegranates are majorly delicious. I cut open 3 of them yesterday, so I now have a big ol’ stash of yummy arils to snack on!


I had to eat a few spoonfuls right away just so I could get the lid on 😉


Tried to capture the mountains in the background while I took Layla for a walk yesterday, but you can’t really see them.


Of course, I have like 350923752 of the dog though


Dinner was easy: gnocchi with sauteed zucchini and mushrooms with sausage in roasted garlic marinara sauce.


Workout was simple: Sprint intervals, bosu weighted squats and lots and LOTS of single leg dead lifts (the last set I combined the deadlifts with a clean and jerk- it really tests your balance and fatigues your calves. In other words: it was awesome)


Not too crazy about this shirt. It’s too loose around my waist and too tight and short on my hips. I thought of selling it, but Tyler convinced me to keep it for at-home workouts.

Speaking of Lululemon, I am now COVETING this jacket. It’s not online yet, just in select stores (and it just so happens to be at the store nearest me because I follow them on twitter and friends with them on facebook. )


I’m going to extend the sign-up for the cookie swap for another week. If you live in Canada and want to be a part of the swap, send me an email! (jtougas77(at)gmail(dot)com)

Also, if you have any silly pictures you’d like to share with your favorite beverage, send em my way! I’m looking to compile a post of everyone’s submissions! Plus, I’m just really looking for any entertainment I can get. For reals, I stayed in bed until about 20 minutes ago because I just have nothing to do. Well, I could do homework, but no.

4 thoughts on “Silly picture sign up!

  1. LOVE That jacket! I just sent you a silly pic! 🙂 I got lots of those! ::) I LOVE poms but hate all the work and mess! I would do the cookie exchange but already have to do one with work and that would be far too many cookies!!

    • Thanks! I know, I keep calling them to ask for price, but they don’t answer. I’m afraid I’d buy it regardless if I went to the store :-/
      I usually bring in tons of holiday treats to the office, but since I’m not working (booooooo) this is my substitute!

  2. Love love love pomegranates but I always get my husband to cut them up!! So much work.
    How many cookies are we looking at?
    Have a super fantastic weekend 🙂

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