Layla’s lucky day

Well, folks. I did it. I turned in my last exam of grad school yesterday afternoon. I am officially done with school and have my Masters! Woo hoo 🙂

I started yesterday off quite sluggish- I wasn’t really looking forward to tackling some of the final calculus equations

12.7 me


But I persevered through it and was done around 3pm- plenty of time to get to the gym and the grocery.liquor store before Tyler got home! I picked up a bottle of bubbly that came with free chocolates (which oddly enough, have yet to be consumed)

12.7 celebrate


Then I whipped up some grub and we had our champy and dinner in front of…..the football game.

12.7 dinner


This morning, Layla was looking a little glum.

12.7 layla sad


I think she was bummed that I had more free time to bug her while Tyler’s at work. She was soon un-bummed when a package from my parents arrived at the door. My mom had strict instructions that Tyler and I couldn’t open our gifts, but Layla could. Rawr.

12.7 layla christmas


She seriously lucked out! A cute christmas toy and a fleece!

I decided to add to her day of excitement by taking her to the dog park. She doesn’t ever play with dogs. No. Even when there are about 3 dozen dogs (which there were today) mine is the one by herself rolling in the snow. Her and I both have social complexes, I guess.

12.7 layla walk


12.7 layla walk2


12.7 layla walk3


12.7 layla walk4


12.7 layla walk5


Alright, time for me to go and get my workout over with. If not now, I might be tempted to go grab more champagne or something. I’m going to milk the celebration for as long as I can.


I got $20 from the bottle return today. HELLS YES.

If you haven’t already, I highly urge you to check out PV Body. It’s a monthly subscription program where they send you one athletic top and one bottom. It’s only $49, but if you click ON THIS LINK, and sign up through me, you will get 20% off! What a great Christmas present 😉



3 thoughts on “Layla’s lucky day

  1. Free chocolates NOT consumed? You realize that’s against the rules, right? Unconsumed chocolate develops a personality disorder, or something, thinking it’s unloved. How can you be so heartless? Us readers better hear about the situation correcting itself pronto.

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