Armed and Ready

I have a mish mash of things to talk about. I could make this one long cohesive post, but I’m not the best at transitional writing. Or any writing for that matter.

Last night I made a BOMB ASS chicken salad. I didn’t really follow a recipe, nor did I really track the amounts of the ingredients I used, but I’m still gonna share the goods.

I used shredded chicken (boneless chicken breasts and chicken broth in the crockpot on high for four hours and shredded with 2 forks), red grapes, cashews, celery, mayo, plain Greek yogurt, spicy brown mustard, lemon juice, white vinegar, salt, and pepper.

It was super yummy and I couldn’t stop ‘mmmmm-ing’ with each bite. Something similar to this might make its way into my Super Bowl menu this Sunday…

This morning, my mom and I went to Target for some random items, then headed over to the nail salon for some pedicures. Not gonna lie, the last time I got a pedicure was when I was in New York in August. I’m not really one to splurge on pampering (at least not on a regular basis) so it’s nice to sit in a sweet massage chair while someone rubs my feet and legs with lotion. note: I specifically sat in the tub before heading out so that I could shave up to my knees. Gross, I know. But hairy legs at a pedicure is even more gross.
Also note, the massage chair at this particular salon is no joke. It kneads and chops and rolls and vibrates and does everything you could possibly imagine. With my back still being sore from my Saturday workout, it was pure bliss.


I had picked up a new shade of Essie nail polish from Target, so as soon as I got home, I slapped that shade on! (It’s called Armed and ready!!) My mom is convinced it’s grey, but it’s a deep green with a slight shimmer. I love it.


Today’s workout for Best Body Bootcamp focused on cardio, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Instead, I took inspiration from the deck of cards workout I did this last weekend with Ashley and Athena. I chose to do one cardio/more challenging ‘deck’ and another slightly easier strength ‘deck’. I got my grey gear on and was ready to sweat!
Round One:



Start in plank position.20130129-222637.jpg

Squeezing your abs, ‘jump’ your feet as close to your hands as you can, with your feet landing wider than your hand position.20130129-222643.jpg
In a fluid motion, kick your feet back into plank position. and that’s 1!


Start laying on your stomach, with your knees wide and bent and your heels touching in the air.20130129-223057.jpg

Squeezing your glutes, and keeping your heels together and knees wide, attempt to raise your heels in the air (think of squeezing enough to get your knees off the ground)20130129-223102.jpg
Return to start position. That’s 1!
(Like the sweet demo pics? I had my mom take them in the basement. Super pimp setup down there.)
Similar to before, I did the number of reps per face value, 10 reps for face cards and 11 for aces. The entire round took me about 23 minutes.

I then did a 1 mile incline on the walk before getting a jump on Round 2 which looked like this:

And another 1 mile incline walk to finish up.

That’s about all I have for now. Let me know if you need further explanation of those dumb exercise pics I posted!

Question:What’s your favorite way to eat chicken? Got any recipes you’d like to share?!!

4 thoughts on “Armed and Ready

  1. I think the only explanation needed is where you think you gained that 5 pounds you mentioned in your last post. Kind of a cool looking workout though, perilously close to burpees.

  2. Looks like a great work out. Thank you for the post. A bit of advice though. You need to keep your butt lower on the frog jumps. The jump has to come from the legs; no back help.

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