Winesday Wednesday: 4/10

Hey guys and welcome to the first installment of Winesday Wednesday!!!!



I’m so excited about this post and can’t wait to see how future Winesday Wednesday posts turn out! This is a chance for anyone to submit wines (or other drinks!) each week so that I can assemble them in one neat little space. Submissions may include what foods were paired with each drink, how it tastes, where it can be purchased, price point…you name it! Let’s jump right to it!!!

Mary @mkc7946 (Instagram) enjoyed this lovely wine


Keith sent this in:

4.10 WW2

…He also sent me a pic of an Italian Nebbiolo that he has in the works!

Ja @ja_ontherun (Instagram) had some Choco Noir that she said was a sweet and smooth creamy chocolate drink with an alcohol bite

4.10 WW3

Monique @burpeestobubbly (twitter) had some post-workout wine (that’s my kinda style!)

4.10 WW4

Athena from Fitness and Feta sent in an awesome collage and mini write-up of her drinks:

4.10 WW5

This weekend I stopped by a wine tasting at a local wine and cheese shop called The Spirited Gourmet, and I thought it would be fun to share my three favorites!  For a white, I really enjoyed the Durnberg.  It smelled delicious, almost like a granny smith apple, but then had more of a subtle grapefruit taste.  Very light and refreshing!  For red, a dry and crisp Greek wine (obviously) called Boutari.  Finally, we also sampled one beer from Dogfish Head, the Positive Contact.  This was an ale brewed with apple cider.  Right up my alley!

Chelsea from thedancingrunner sent in:

4.10 WW7

She said: I had it w/ my stuffed peppers Sunday nite…it’s a crisp white wine from Argentina. $15 from Whole Foods!

Sara @Turner_SR (twitter) sent me a pic that made me very jealous (since there is SNOW still here in Calgary) She said: …not actually wine, it’s a very large mug of pina colada in Cuba this past week

4.10 WW8

MY MAMA sent me this pic on Saturday. She has some white wine with Chicken Masala & Garlic Pasta.

4.10 WW9

Katie from KatieEnPursuit send in two awesome pics, saying:

Looking to join the Wednesday wine par-tay!  Super cool idea.  Now that the temps are warmer, it’s often called for to sit outside after a long day & enjoy some crisp white, the Seccola label from Trader Joe’s is $4.99 a bottle, hello bargain!
4.10 WW12
(So jealous that I can no longer hop over to Trader Joe’s some some super inexpensive, but AWESOME wine! And probably $50 in unintended groceries 😉 )
And to round off the first installment of Winesday Wednesday, here’s what I have to bring to the table:
4.10 WW16
Thank you so much to everyone who participated this week!! (If you want to tweet, share on facebook, link in your blog, or email all your friends and family this post, please do! That way others can see what you had, what others contributed, and possibly contribute themselves in the future! Here’s the shortlink:
See ya next week for round 2!!

12 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday: 4/10

  1. Well what a rockin’ good time for the 1st installment, thanks for putting this together! Also thanks for making me want a cocktail at 10:39a in the Milwaukee airport 🙂

    • Haha whoops! (I originally figured posting midweek would give people time to find any of the goodies for the weekend.) I can’t tell you how much I want to throw together my leftover wine with a splash of kombucha. I shall wait until happy hour, I suppose! 😉

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