Winesday Wednesday

**Edited to add some extra goodies to the bottom of the post!**

Funny how now I’m becoming more consistant with Winesday Wednesday posts and nothing else. (Question: what do you like best about this blog? WW posts? Randomness? Should I post more recipes/workouts? WHAT DO YOU WANT, PEOPLE?!!!) Let’s get to it.

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So yes, it’s Winesday Wednesday and I have a wonderful vino to share with you:

photo 1

Finca Decero Cabernet Sauvignon– an Argentinian wine I found to be very smooth and rather sweet. Sweet as in NOT DRY, but not sweet as in Moscato or Boxed Wine or Candy sweet.

I picked this up Saturday night and only had a small glass, so I’m very glad I have the majority of this bottle to enjoy later. I’m also glad Tyler is still on his beer/rum kick so I can have my wine selections all to myself. This wine was priced at $22 (keep in mind, that’s Canadian prices. I guarantee it’s significantly cheaper in the US…as is everything else) and it’s something I wouldn’t mind purchasing again.

¬†Look at my mom getting all crazy and setting out 2 bottles of wine and 2 glasses. I’m guessing these are probably both just for her.


Just kidding. Maybe. The wine on the left is a pinot grigio from Adirondack Winery¬†which is local to my parents. I already made a mental note to head up there next time I visit. And in case you can’t read my mom’s fabulous wine glasses, they read: “Mommy’s Suppy Cup” and “Serving of Fruit”.

Michael sent some more goodies over to share as well! He wrote:

This passed week I had a few old standbys and some new ones that just came to Maryland. First up is the Limbo IPA by Long Trail. Love this beer and love this brewery. Visited it the day after a friends wedding a few years back and the venue was really close to the brewery so I said why the hell not? Fantastic decision on my part. As IPAs go, this one is more floral but not so much in the way of hop bitterness, making it very drinkable. Second is one of my go-to beers from Maine Beer Company called Peeper. It’s an American pale Ale and is one of their best. Fruity, spicy, hoppy, etc. All of those things work perfectly together to make a well balanced beer. No one thing overpowers another which is excellent. Lastly is the picture you already saw from my excursion to a relatively new alehouse near me. It’s a shame I am moving in a few months to another county because this place is good! Pictured is the Stone Enjoy by 4-20-14 IPA in the snifter and an empty sample of Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale.
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photo 2
photo 3

Funny story: I used to drive by Long Trail every time I drove to/from my parent’s house to college. Talk about having a brewery in the middle of nowhere! PS: I really want to try that IPA now!

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