Winesday Wednesday

I can’t blog, I’m sick. Boo you whore.


At least, that was my excuse for the past week or so, I promise. Well at least that’s my excuse for Sunday and Monday.


That said, It’s time for Winesday Wednesday!!!


Insert imaginary trumpet playing here.

I tried a couple new beers: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown Ale, Big Rock’s Monk’s Misery, and Laughing Dog Huckleberry Cream Ale. The verdict? #1 was delish (I found it on tap at a restaurant the next day and actually preferred the bottle); #2 was different (in a good way. Think rosemary meets um…other spices without being too spicy. Scratch that, don’t try to imagine that. Regardless, it was good. Per usual); and #3 was meh (I don’t think it was cold enough or I it tasted funny because of something I had just eaten. idk but I will give it a second chance).


Oh right, and I also filled up one of our growler’s with Village Troubadour– a mild brown ale that was SUPER tasty and will definitely get again.


Saturday, Tyler and I went out to dinner to celebrate having signed off on all our major kitchen reno purchases, and I had a Winter Julep. It was something to the extent of Jack Daniels, lime, mint….and I think that’s it?! It was delicious and looked pretty cool when an iceberg is served in the middle of it!

photo 4-5

Now you’re all just sitting there like:


I know, right?

Oh, and Michael sent me over some more cool pics! (Fellow beer advocate, yessir!)

Her wrote: Went to Victory Brewing company in Dowingtown, Pennsylvania this past weekend for a tour with a couple buddies. This place is awesome. That beer pictured is their Hop Devil IPA on a nitro tap. Think of the consistency of a Guinness but with an IPA taste. It was quite amazing. Those other pictures are just some Citra hops and mash-tuns that I thought you might want to include. Totally up to you. Happy Winesday Wednesday!


For your entertainment:

This pretty much sums up what most of us do when buying/ordering wine:

A parody of Blurred Lines: BLURRED VINES! Yes, love this. Ok, maybe it’s not SUPER hilarious, but I suspect you’ll give at least one chuckle