Recap the Week


How was your week/weekend?

Want to know about mine? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here reading this. WELL- here goes:

Monday: I woke up and attempted to get ready for work. I got halfway through straightening my hair and did a big -ol’


– and got back in bed. My cold really hit hard on my energy level and my head felt like it was struck one too many times by a baseball bat. The only productive thing I did all day was successfully watch the entire second season of Downton Abbey under the covers with a giant roll of tp in lieu of kleenex.

Tuesday: I went to work. BOOOOOO. Attempted a run during my lunch break (managed 2.5ish miles?) and went to the Kings of Leon concert.

photo 1-9

Wednesday: Umm… nothing? I don’t remember Wednesday, although I believe I hung around Starbucks during my lunch break and apparently ate a burrito for dinner since it’s the only picture on my phone from Wednesday. I also apparently wrote a Winesday Wednesday post. I worked out too, but of course I forget what I did.


Thursday was nice because I took a bath. Yes, I’m at the point in my life where I remember a day based on bathing technique.



I also did a 5k with a neat push/pull upper body workout (in case you’re wondering how much I’m actually working out while recovering from a cold.)

Friday was fun because I wore stretchy pants to work and ate a salad for lunch and the sun was out and I ate pizza for dinner and went to bed really early because I’m old (read: that doesn’t really make a day fun for me. I’m trying to be sarcastic, but I can’t really tell if it’s working).


Saturday: Tyler went in to work for a few hours, so naturally I napped. Until 2pm. HEY, I’m still in recovery OK?! I also managed to get in a sweaty 60 minute workout, go to Home Depot and buy a sink (hashtag marriedpeopleproblems) and swing buy the ol’ second home (liquor store) for a bottle of wine.


Today (sunday) I ate bacon then went SHOPPING. I haven’t been to the mall in forever, and 3 hours there really did me in. I did manage to find 2 pair of jeans (ok, one¬†might¬†be jeggings), a top, and a workout tank. PS: I bought one pair of jeans from American Eagle— a store I haven’t been in in over 10 years and actually wound up buying a pair that were a size smaller than what I used to get in high school. So that’s cool, right? Also, apparently jean jackets are coming back and now I’m mad at the infinity pairs I’ve given away over the years.


And I ran 5k outside and ate a wiener out of a pie tin.


I’m out.