Winesday Wednesday

It’s here again! Winesday Wednesday. Hooray, this is me dancing about it


Short post this week, sorry! (I really just want to nap)


Cool new beer to share! So Big Rock Brewery is one of my favorite local breweries and they came out with an Alchemist’s Edition called Freyla’s Field. It’s a mead braggot, aka: 1/2 mead, 1/2 beer. The flavor wasn’t too different- at least for what I was expecting. It was a good, crisp beer though and had some interesting lingering flavors.



We also picked up a case of their Swinger Pack- one of which included:


Another good Summer drinking beer!

Keith sent over the following beauty, writing: Here’s an oldie from 2008! It’s a Meglioli Pinot Grigio. There are only a few left. I was trying to put it up against the light to show the amazing deep amber colour it has. It tastes like liquid gold. I somehow don’t think it will last much longer…



That looks delicious! And it makes me anxious to be able to drink the pinot grigio we made 🙂

For your entertainment:

See ya  next week! (If YOU have something to share, email me to be included in a future post!)