Friday Fthings (silent F)

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a great Friday and lots of fun things are on your agenda this weekend! Just popping in to share some stuff with you guys…for your reading pleasure.


1. Fitness: This week, I finished week 5 of T25 Alpha which means next week I start the Beta round! Can’t say enough good things about these workouts- they’re quick and interesting and effective! I’ve also booked a spin class for tomorrow morning and am super excited! I get to test out my new spin shoes AND the instructor for this class has GREAT music. And it’s LOUD. I LOVE loud music. Haven’t been able to do that since before Wes was born! I need to take a hot yoga class soon as well- my hips are TOAST and I just feel all scrunchy and tight from all the awkward positions I’ve put myself in when holding/rocking Wes.

2. Can someone tell me to stop buying goldfish crackers? They’re addicting.

3. Starbucks cold brew. HOLY SHIT is it strong and I’m pretty sure there is speed in it or something. Took me about 3 hours to finish.

4. I’ve been hitting anywhere from 10k-15k steps this week (According to my fitbit) Pretty great for a stay-at-home mom AMIRIGHT?

5. I’m obsessed with fizzy water. I think I drink about 3 liters of it a day.

6. I brought Wes in to my office yesterday. It was nice to see the people on my team. They were catching me up on some of the office stuff and a lot of people have left since I went on leave..makes me nervous that it’s going to be an entirely different office by the time I get back. Ugh, I can’t think about it. I need to enjoy this time off!

7. I booked flights home to New York! I was pretty nervous about travelling alone with Wes for the first time. Not only is the trip international, but there’s a layover. Woof. SO… mom is flying out in August to stay with us a bit and then go back to New York with us! Tyler will stay here in Calgary since A) he has to work, and B) it would cost a billionty dollars to board the dogs.

8. Last week, we ate the first zucchini from our garden and it was delicious! Yesterday, we split our first strawberry from a hanging basket we have on the patio. I can’t wait to enjoy more.

9. Wes had his first round of shots on Tuesday and took them like a champ! He didn’t even cry and wound up sleeping for about 4 hours afterward. I also ended up getting a couple of vaccines myself and my arm has been a bit sore. Well, it’s either from that or carrying a 15 lb baby around all the time. The nurse was telling me a bunch of potential side effects Wes might experience and barfing ended up being THE ONE. In fact, I got a bra full of it yesterday. Layla got a shower of it too. Yuck

10. I am not spell checking or rereading this post so it’s most likely a mess. That’s because I have a now screaming baby to attend to. BYE FELICIA.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fthings (silent F)

  1. YES enjoy your time off! I tried my best to distance myself from work on my year off, and it was hard since my BF took my leave! But it was awesome to do it. I honestly never thought about going back till the month before!
    A zucchini already?! GO garden!! I love our garden too much, though right now it is making me mad. We have been eating starwberries from ours too, Avery is obsessed with them!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I came back to work and EIGHT people had left (we only have 13 people in my office!!) It was nice to enjoy the time off but I definitely thought about work too– it’s only natural!

    You’re going to have so much fun in NYC!!! Jealous! That’s awesome your mom is going to come out and then help with the flight.

  3. So exciting you are going home for a while! Goldfish are so good, Toddler snacks are so good. Fun fruits are the best. One for D one for me, 🙂 I love fizzy water too, I can only drink so much regular stuff.

  4. I made the mistake of going to Target hungry after work one day and bought goldfish and have been loving themmmm. They’re too easy to pop into your mouth! I’m so sad to not have a garden this year 😦

    • Oh, I can never go shopping when I’m hungry anymore. I’ll come home with at least $20 worth of candy/junk alone! Our garden is growing awesome- we’ve found that the hanging basket of strawberries is pretty awesome too, try one of those!

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