Weekend Recap

This weekend actually felt good and long! Although, now that I say that I sure do miss Tyler already. Stupid work. But I don’t mind all this alone time I get with Wes. Makin’ him a mama’s boy for reals. BONUS: I remember all the things we did this weekend.


Friday: Friday was the first day of Stampede! Since Wes and I couldn’t make it downtown for the parade, I made sure to celebrate at home with some pancakes. Susie came over and we watched Day 1 of the rodeo and Wes took a series of awesome little naps. Later in the evening, Tyler and I started on Season 2 of True Detective and Ballers. PS: Susie and I will be heading to Stampede this Saturday- my first girls trip out without the babe! I’m super excited…minus the whole boobs thing.

photo 1-62

photo 2-59

Saturday: I headed off to a  9:30 spin class (Was a little bummed that Wes still hadn’t woken up yet, so I couldn’t say bye!). I really love the instructor for this class and plan on making more of her classes. The only thing I still can’t wrap my head around is the disco ball- it’s a little too strobe-lighty and it’s dizzying! It was still an awesome workout though- such a great way to start the weekend!

photo 1-63

We ventured out to Home Depot and Costco (seems to be a typical Saturday now) and I was able to have a snack plate out on the patio and enjoy the sunshine before a quick and MASSIVE hail storm rolled through. Wes was just being a cute baby.

photo 4-30

photo 3-45

photo 2-60

And Tyler made us burgers. NOM NOM NOM. After Wes went to bed, we watched Star Wars Episode IV. Talk about a throwback!

photo 5-19

Sunday: We slept in then took yet another trip to Home Depot (they really should have a frequent shopper program there!) The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house, doing chores and being awesome. No pictures necessary for the ‘being awesome’ part.

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of our wedding (Even though we’ve been married about 3 1/2 years now) and tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY. Aka: the best day of the year. I seriously love birthdays. I hope Wes got me something good. Besides barf and poo.