Weekend Recap

A day late and a dollar (actually more than one dollar. Lots of dollars. Anyone want to spare me some change?) short.

Friday: After our usual morning routine, I took Wes to a bunch of stores to basically just walk around and kill time. I didn’t want to chance an outdoor walk with him because it was pretty cloudy. Once Tyler got home, he made us calzones for dinner and we managed to only plow through 20 minutes of an episode of True Detective before calling it a night. SO EXCITING I KNOW.


Saturday: I don’t remember much of Saturday morning. Wes and I just hung out while Tyler ran some errands. In the afternoon, we headed over to a friend’s house for dinner. There were 6 adults and 6 kiddos. They are taking over, I tell ya! We snapped a family pic before we left.



By the time we got home and got Wes to bed, it was too late for us to consider any adult time. Bed it was! (Man, these weekends are sounding pretty boring, huh?!)

Sunday: Crap. I already forget Sunday. Laundry. Food…..Oh, and I started the 21 Day Fix EXTREME workout program. I’ll wait until I at least do the first full week before I let you all know how I feel about it.


Tyler made carne asada for dinner and I rounded out the evening with a nice soak in the tub with a cider and Netflix.




I think this coming weekend will be a bit more eventful…so maybe that recap post will be more interesting to read.

How was your weekend?