Weekend Recap

I’m currently experiencing the mother of all hot flashes, so let’s see if I can bust out this post…

Friday: I desperately wanted to get out of the house but a nasty rain/wind mix gave us only one option- the mall with the parking garage. On one hand, yay because we can still get out of the house. On the other hand, boo because I am sick and tired of going to malls to walk around when the weather is crap. PLUS I had woken up feeling physically and mentally exhausted and was experiencing the beginning stages of a serious migraine. While we were at the mall though, I remembered to stop by Rocky Mountain Soap Co. and pick up my freebie.

photo 2-63

After we got home, I was basically just trying to make it through the rest of the day without my head exploding. Migraines + caring for a baby = the worst combination. Tyler brought home sushi for dinner and more than enough candy to last me a….week?

photo 3-46

We also practiced a bit of tummy time and Wes finally calmed down after I put my phone in front of him. He either loved the company or loved himself. Either way, it worked for a solid 15 minutes.

photo 1-66

Saturday: After a lovely baby wearing breakfast, we headed to Costco to get a few things. Which wound up turning into a whole cart full of things. I opted out of unloading the car when we got home by taking Wes for a nice long walk. The bonus to that was that he slept through the whole Costco trip and the walk. Good baby.

photo 4-31

photo 1-67

Ugh, and it pains me to share this, but this was Wes’s Saturday attire:

photo 5-20

My dad bought this because he is a Yankees fan, but nope not me. I told Wes to barf on it as much as he wanted, but of course he didn’t barf at all. The one time I gave him permission!

We had another homemade pizza for dinner and watched the premiere of Hell on Wheels before calling it a night.

Sunday: Now that I think about it, I didn’t leave the house the whole day. Fail. I am so sick of being in the house all the time! The morning was pretty chill, just hanging out with an adorable baby and attempting to do some laundry.

photo 2-64

Also, is there an adult sized version of this pillow and a lap big enough that I can nap like this kid? It’s his favorite place to catch some shut eye and it really looks so awesome. I wanna do it.

photo 3-47

I mowed the lawn and did a T25 workout in the afternoon (I am SO glad I am on my last week of T25! I am really sick of these workouts and need a new challenge. I’m actually craving some weights- but I don’t see a gym membership anywhere in the near future.)¬†and was still experiencing some residual migraine aches and pains so Tyler suggested I relax in the bath. Ummmmm OKAY.

photo 1-68

Do you know how hard it was for me to get out of the tub? Not physically hard, but I was just so damn happy to just unwind.  Short lived because 30 minutes later, I was back on duty. And by back on duty, I mean I was trying to order some prints online while simultaneously entertaining Wes on his play mat. The multitasking quickly ended though because he straight up passed out on his mat.

photo 2-65

I guess the weekend was pretty exhausting for him.

How was your weekend?