Wesley Arlo- 3 Months

Holy cannoli does time fly or what?!! I sure do miss having a brand spanking new baby but man oh man is it cool to see him grow and develop. We didn’t have a 3-month check-up, so I don’t have ‘official’ measurements, but I have unofficially weighed him at 18 lb and 25″.


Sleeping habits: This boy can SLEEP! He will go down anywhere from 9:30-10:30pm and sleep THROUGH until anywhere from 7:30-9:30am! During the day, he will either take a few 20-30 min naps or he will have one LONG nap in the afternoon (ranging anywhere from 3-5 hours). I will take the lack of sleep during the day because the nighttime is just glorious.

Eating habits: He eats when he first wakes up, has a snack an hour later (Funny that I say ‘snack’- I mean, he’s still only drinking breastmilk..), feeds a couple of times during the day-depending on naps-  and then cluster feeds at night with a bottle to cap him off before bed. Moral of this story: the boy can EAT.

Pooping habits: LOTS.


Clothes: he still fits into some of his 3-month stuff (mostly because I think it’s all stretched out). Sleepers he’s at 9 months- kid’s got long legs, big feet and a chub chub belly. The rest of his clothes are 6 months. Or I just have him in his diaper (still size 2).

This little guy LOVES his baths. He lets me clean him for however long I want and either lays there and just tolerates it, or kicks his legs like crazy and talks to me while I do work. A few weeks back, he absolutely hated getting out of the tub and would scream bloody murder and shed tears when I was getting him dressed, but lately he seems to think of that time as just as amusing as bath time (phew).

Wes is a told weird baby when he eats- depending on what side he’s laying on, he will raise his top leg in the air while he chows down or he will press his foot into my armpit as if he’s using me for leverage. Why he needs leverage, I don’t know. But it sometimes allows me to kill two birds with one stone and clip his toenails while he eats!


He smiles and kicks and laughs and talks like an absolute fiend when I come into his room in the morning. It is still my most favorite time ever. EVER.

He does great in the car and wherever we go- usually sleeping the entire time. Lately, he will remain awake on walks, so I will lift the blanket over his carrier for him to look around (unless it’s too sunny!) Just like Layla, he gets a bit antsy when the car stops in traffic. I totally get it.

He’s started blowing bubbles, making the motorboat noise (is that what it’s called? Sounds too adult if you ask me..), and sucking on his bottom lip. He’ll also follow sounds and movement. He still can’t totally hold his head up all the time, so we have to constantly adjust how we hold him…you know, since he’s so HEAVY and all.

I’ve worked on tummy time with him and he rolled over once (on my birthday!) but I think it was a fluke since he had his arms fully out when I first put him down. At his two month check-up, the doctor said his head measured in the 97th percentile, so I don’t blame him for not being able to keep that noggin up yet.


He has the world’s best michelin legs. There are rolls FOR DAYS. His eyes might be starting to turn brown. He is growing a bit more hair on the top of his head and still hasn’t really had much dryness on his scalp. He has tons of earwax..is that normal for a baby? He has the longest eyelashes and I am always staring at them while he feeds. Or I’m staring at the dimples in his hands because he’s usually holding my shirt or my bra or my boob and it’s the cutest sight ever (only when you can’t see my boob- because that is NOT a cute site).

He has starting reaching and holding onto his toys on his playmat. He’ll also let me hold some of the rings in front of him so that he can put them in his mouth. He hardly ever uses a pacifier- I only give it to him when he fusses in public and he usually calms within a minute or two and then doesn’t want it anymore.


He’s not a huge fan of putting clothes on. But then again, neither am I.

Tyler usually puts him in his crib at night and we’ve already got him used to putting himself to sleep. Woo hoo! Just needs a few rocks in the chair, and then boom he’ll go in the crib and chat for a few minutes before he’s completely passed out. We are SO happy this came to him naturally. Good baby, Wes. Good baby.


When he’s fussy he usually just wants to stand on his feet. He will already put some weight on them and has successfully ‘stepped’ with both legs. I seriously think he’ll learn how to walk before he can crawl (big head + strong legs = how I came to that conclusion).


He took his first trip to the mountains a few weeks ago and did great! It was really hot and I had to feed him in the backseat of our car, and he never so much as whined.

I booked our flight to go home to NY in September and my mom will be coming here in advance so she can help with my first time traveling with Wes. He already has his Canadian passport and we have an appointment at the US Consulate office next week for his US passport.


He’s gotten a bit more touchy with having his diaper changed more often, but I don’t blame him. With all the up and down and sitting and laying who would want to wear a dirty diaper? (or as I call it- a Ripe Dipe) I bought a package of the honest diapers, but they don’t really work well for him- phew! Because they’re expensive.


Woof, I love this kid.

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